Del Rio-Sheamus Summerslam Match Canceled…? the f**k…?

Following Smackdown tonight, WWE posted a video with an announcement by Booker T, cancelling the match between Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus, due to the attack perpetrated by Del Rio. Here's the video:
So after Sheamus steals Del Rio car on Monday for no reason and Touts/Twitts about it, he runs off into the sunset "innocent". On SD, Del Rio attacks Sheamus like every heel has done since essentially the inception of the business, and he's pulled off the World Title match.
If this is for storyline purposes, why would the f***ing heel be punished for acting like every heel has for the past 40 years in wrestling? Isn't that sort of attacks done to forward feuds and generate heat? Booker said "Del Rio crossed the line this time"… Well I can't imagine what he would say as General Manager back in '02 when HHH f***ed a corpse on live television!
If they are removing Del Rio again from PPV, why the hell they didn't think it through and went ahead announcing the match for the second-most important PPV of the year? It is the sort of stuff that could easily kill Del Rio as a wrestler in North America for a while.
What are your thoughts on this Scott?

Did anyone care about that match in the first place?  
It's an angle.  The match will miraculously return on Monday and we can be bored by it next Sunday as expected, fear not.