NXT – August 8, 2012

August 9, 2012
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park,
William Regal, Byron Saxton, Jim Ross
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
still in the title tournament this week with the other two first
round matches taking place on this show. It still amazes me to see
how much better this show is with just a little effort and a few new
faces in there. The show is the most efficient show in wrestling
today with almost no wasted time and everything hitting perfectly.
Why can’t more shows be like this? I’m sure it has nothing to do
with Vince not being there to run it or anything. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of the announcement by Dusty last week followed by
all eight participants talking about what it would mean to them to
win the first title.
Rush Tournament First Round: Michael McGillicutty vs. Justin Gabriel
fight over arm control to start with Justin taking him down to the
mat with an armbar into a hammerlock. The fight over the arm goes on
for over a minute before Gabriel gets a side roll for two. Gabriel
escapes a suplex into one of his own, floating over with it into a
double armbar. We take a break and come back with McGillicutty in
control and putting on a chinlock.
makes a Joe Walsh reference and tells the fans to Google him. It’s a
shame that people would have to do that. Gabriel fights up but they
both hit cross bodies at the same time to put them both down.
Gabriel gets sent into the corner where mcGillicutty charges into a
rolls away before Justin can try the 450 so Gabriel settles for a
Blue Thunder Bomb instead, getting two. In a cool move, McGillicutty
grabs a small package and rolls through it even further into a
Perfect Plex for two. Gabriel counters a backbreaker into the Eye of
the Hurricane. Justin tries a top rope Lionsault but McGillicutty
rolls out of the way and the McGillicutter gets the pin at 8:05 shown
of 11:35.
C+. This was the usual good
match you would expect from these guys. McGillicutty is getting
better and better every time out there but he’s not going to go
anywhere on the main show because of whatever their latest reason is
to not push new people. Gabriel also looked good here which is a
good sign as he’s showing there’s a lot more to him than the 450.
Good stuff here.
vs. Rollins is the first semi-final.
Ohno vs. CJ Parker
takes him into the corner to start but it’s quickly to a standoff.
Ohno works on the arm but gets quickly rolled up for two. He bails
to the floor to break Parker’s momentum, only to trip Parker up and
hit a slingshot stomp coming back inside. A running forearm in the
corner puts Parker down again and a flipping backsplash gets two.
to a chinlock for a bit before Ohno kicks him in the head to counter
a sunset flip. A few more boots to the head put Parker down but he
avoids the forearm and makes his comeback. Parker hits a side kick
for two but charges into a big boot. The spinning forearm to the
back of the head gets the pin at 4:33.
D+. I wasn’t all that impressed
here. Ohno is being used as a one trick guy who uses nothing but
strikes. The match was pretty dull and Parker was just ok looking.
I know Ohno has been around forever and has a ton of indy experience,
but this version of him isn’t working for me for the most part.
Jason Jordan/Mike Dalton beat Hunico/Camacho last week, they say NXT
is their proving ground.
Snuka vs. Kaitlyn/Caylee Turner
four Divas instead of two. Turne and Snuka start things off and
we’re immediately told who Tamina’s dad is. Off to Kaitlyn after
Turner is shoved down and they fight over a top wristlock. Paige
comes in and goes nuts, stomping Kaitlyn down into the corner.
Kaitlyn escapes a headlock with a clothesline for two. Off to Turner
who works on Paige’s arm. The crowd is mostly dead for this. It’s
back to Tamina who runs Turner over and drops a knee on her.
gets a quick rollup for two and it’s off to Kaitlyn again. After
Kaitlyn uses a wide variety of stomps, Turner comes in for a
chinlock. This is a very boring match if that wasn’t coming across.
Tamina hits a quick Samoan Drop to escape and tags in Paige. After a
fallaway slam, Paige small packages Turner for the pin at 6:26.
That’s an odd finish when you consider Paige was in full control at
the time.
D. I say this every week, but
it’s very obvious that the majority of the Divas have no idea how to
work a match longer than a minute or so. This was nothing but basic
stuff over and over again with the girls looking like they were
struggling to fill in six and a half minutes. I know it’s a new
idea, but maybe getting some female wrestlers instead of models might
help a bit.
Bateman comes up to Bo Dallas in the back and complains about not
being in the tournament. He seems to think it’s Dallas’ fault that
he (Bateman) didn’t qualify but Dallas shrugs it off.
Rush Tournament First Round: Bo Dallas vs. Jinder Mahal
winner gets Steamboat next week. Mahal shoves him into the corner to
start and then politely steps back to let Dallas out. Well that’s
nice of him. Dallas takes him to the mat by the arm and gets two off
a hiptoss. The fans want to know where their Slushies are. Mahal
heads to the floor and we take a break. Back with Mahal kneeing
Dallas in the ribs and hitting a low dropkick for two.
talks about Mahal’s family as Mahal gets two off a neckbreaker.
Mahal drops some knees to the chest for two before hitting more knees
to the head. Well it worked for HHH so why not Mahal? Off to a
cravate but Dallas escapes a belly to back suplex into a cross body
for two. Dallas makes a brief comeback but walks into a sitout slam
for two. Dallas runs up the corner and hooks a bulldog out of said
corner for two. Mahal’s running knee misses but he clotheslines
Dallas on the top rope. A Downward Spiral sets up the camel clutch
to send Mahal to the semi-finals at 8:25 shown of 11:55.
C. Not a great match or
anything but it made Mahal look good which is the idea here. Dallas
isn’t someone that thrills me for the most part as he looks like a
kid instead of someone intimidating and interesting. He’s ok in the
ring but nothing worth watching for the most part. Mahal is decent
enough for a foreign villain and for a show like NXT, that’s all he
needs to be.
C+. This was probably
the weakest show yet but it was still good stuff. They got the stuff
done that they needed to get done here and now we have a final four
in the tournament. I wasn’t wild on the other two matches in there
but you have to expect a misfire eventually from these guys. This
was still a good show though and I’m looking forward to the rest of
the tournament.
McGillicutty b. Justin Gabriel – McGillicutter
Ohno b. CJ Parker – Roaring Elbow to the back of the head
Snuka b. Kaitlyn/Caylee Turner – Small Package to Turner
Mahal b. Bo Dallas – Camel Clutch
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