Monday Nitro – March 17, 1996

Monday Nitro #79
Date: March 17, 1997
Location: Savannah Civic Center, Savannah, Georgia
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Larry Zbyszko, Bobby Heenan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the night after Uncensored and the big story is that Sting has declared
his loyalty for WCW by attacking the NWO to close the show last night.
At the same time though it’s not all good for the purple and gold (WCW
for you young people out there) as the NWO won the main event last
night, basically giving them unlimited power in the company. There are
eleven matches tonight so expect some quick finishes. Let’s get to it.

Rey Mysterio vs. Psychosis
takes him to the mat to start and controls from behind. Psychosis takes
him to the mat as we see the Japanese announce table which has Ultimo
Dragon sans mask. Rey tries to do his kickoff out of a test of strength
position but they mistime it horribly. A springboard headscissors sends
Psychosis to the floor and Rey follows it with a rana off the apron.
Back in and Psychosis rams him stomach first into the buckle. Psychosis
misses a charge into the post and Rey hits a flip dive to the floor.
West Coast Pop is HORRIBLY botched as Psychosis’ head is drive into the
mat ala a piledriver for the pin.
Rating: C-.
I haven’t seen Rey botch this much stuff in years. The ending was
almost scary as Psychosis just stopped moving when his head got driven
into the mat like that. The match wasn’t horrible but with two
noticeable botches in three and a half minutes, how good can you
consider a match?
Anderson says Sting came home last night, but that’s not what he’s here
to talk about. He was injured at Halloween Havoc and has to have neck
surgery. Arn talks about how his grandmother stayed alive long enough to
see him become a mature adult. Last night he saw his family, the
Horsemen, mature. He also saw Sullivan’s son recently and it looks like
the Sullivan family has broken up completely. Anderson says he’ll be
back, but he never would be, at least not in the ring.
We recap last night with Savage and Liz attacking Kimberly and Page. They spray painted Kimberly when page was down.
Maxx vs. Diamond Dallas Page
is a muscle guy who is part of the Dungeon of Doom. There’s a slight
chance that he’s the same guy that played Maxx Muscle, who was Page’s
bodyguard back in 1995. This is a squash, with Page hitting a top rope
splash of all things. He escapes a full nelson and hits the Cutter for
the quick pin in maybe a minute and a half.
says he’s hunting for Savage and Liz. We’re also told possibly for the
first time that Page and Kimberly are married in real life. Savage is a
dead man walking. Page starts to leave but Savage and Liz are in the
crowd. Savage says he’s the icon and Page is the wrestler with no name.
Talk of a non-sanctioned match is mentioned but Savage says it’ll be
later. Page charges into the crowd but Savage gets away.
Hugh Morrus/Konnan vs. Renegade/Joe Gomez
the match here are Bischoff and the Outsiders to take over the announce
desk. Actually scratch that as they just have an announcement: they’ll
be getting in the ring tonight but no opponents are mentioned.
Apparently them getting to challenge for any title they want according
to the stipulations from the main event last night now means the
champions get to pick when they wrestle ever.
to the match which starts with Morrus jumping Gomez and working over
his knee. Konnan comes in quickly and kicks at said knee. The Dungeon
trades off a few times but the offense doesn’t improve at all. The
announcers talk about Spring Stampede a bit as not much is going on
during the match. A clothesline puts Gomez down and Konnan comes back in
for a half crab. After about three minutes of leg work Gomez finally
tags in Renegade. He cleans house for about fifteen seconds and then
tags back out when Gomez can’t even stand. It takes about ten seconds to
hit No Laughing Matter for the pin on Joe.
Rating: D.
This was a dull match and it seems like they were trying to set up a
feud between Renegade and Gomez for who knows what reason. The match was
boring as it was about four minutes of leg work followed by the angle
to end the show. Gomez stayed around for a long time and never did
anything at all.
US Title: Dean Malenko vs. Scotty Riggs
won the title last night. Riggs lost a strap match to Bagwell last
night so he gets a title match tonight. Makes perfect sense right?
Scotty hits a quick dropkick to start but it only gets two. Dean will
have none of that and sends Riggs to the floor and into the barricade.
Back in and we get a pinfall reversal sequence for some two counts.
Riggs makes a quick comeback with his jobber level offense before he
gets caught in a hot shot. Dean grabs a rolling cradle for the pin to
retain fast.
Lex Luger/The Giant vs. The Knuckles
would be Knuckles Nelson and T. Rantula. I don’t know about you, but
I’m smelling an upset here. Giant and Rantula start us off and the man
who would be Peter Parker is thrown back into his own corner quickly.
Nelson comes in and this is squash territory already. Giant works him
over in the corner for awhile until Rantula comes in to help. That goes
nowhere either and it’s a chokeslam for Nelson. Luger walks in without a
tag and powerslams Rantula as Giant pins Nelson. Luger Racks Rantula
post match. Total squash.
and Giant talk about Sting coming back last night. We get some clips
from the show with Sting destroying the NWO as Giant talks about seeing
the light at the end of the tunnel. Luger says it made him believe in
Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. These guys do know
they lost the main event right?
We get some stills from last night with Mortis vs. Glacier. Wrath debuted post match to beat down Glacier.
Bobby Eaton vs. Ultimo Dragon
stalls on the floor to start so Eaton punches him in the face. And
never mind as Dragon puts him on top and hits a rana for the pin. This
wasn’t even a minute and a half.
the NWO in full force. Hogan and Bischoff brag about winning last night
and talk about being able to challenge for any title. That would be the
TV and US Titles, unless you want to count the Women’s belt if that
exists yet. Savage says he’ll face Page at some point. Nash says the
Outsiders will face the Steiners at Spring Stampede. That would wind up
being Rick vs. Nash for the titles. During this announcement, Hall takes
a beer to the head. In PERFECT response, he wipes his hair as he is
known to do.
Call the NWO hotline!
Hour #2 begins and it seems a lot later than usual. We do the usual recap.
Alex Wright/Mark Starr vs. Jeff Jarrett/Steve McMichael
and Wright start things off with Alex firing off some dropkicks.
Jarrett takes him down and Mongo drops an elbow on the back of Wright’s
head to take over. There’s a side slam and it’s back to Jarrett. Tony
calls that a solid tag. How can a tag exactly be solid? Everything
breaks down with Starr diving over Mongo which is called a chop block.
Figure Four ends Starr quick.
Enemy comes out and beats up the Horsemen post match. The Horsemen
fight them off and then go to talk to Gene. Apparently these teams are
going to be fighting at the PPV. Debra screeches a bit and Jarrett says
he’s walking the walk now. Mongo dares the people to boo Debra, again
not seeming to know if he’s a face or a heel.
Lee Marshall does his schtick.
Scott Norton vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
runs him over and Chavo bails to the floor. Back in and Chavo goes
after the knee but Norton won’t go down. Two more shots to it and he
still won’t go down. A missile dropkick won’t put Norton down and a
sunset flip doesn’t either. Norton powerbombs him to death to end this.
Norton wouldn’t sell a thing here.
Hogan and Rodman talk about nothing of note.
Chris Benoit vs. Billy Kidman
This doesn’t even last a minute with the Crossface ending it. That hadn’t been his finisher long at all at this point.
and Woman have something to say but Flair comes out before they can
start. Benoit talks about Sullivan of course and Flair blames Piper for
the loss last night. Ric isn’t worried about Arn because he’s tough. As
for Piper, he can come be a Horseman and take Arn’s spot. That’s quite
the offer.
Steiner Brothers vs. Harlem Heat
and Booker get us going with Booker hitting a fast side kick. He walks
into a gorilla press slam though and it’s off to Rick. Stevie comes in
to stomp away and adds in some punches for good measure. They trade
powerslams as it’s time to talk about Sting. Booker comes in and side
slams Rick down but it’s off to Scott who cleans house. Everything
breaks down and it’s the NWO in for the DQ.
Rating: D+.
The match was just filler until the NWO got there for no apparent
reason. I guess it was to beat down the tag teams like the black and
white used to do but it didn’t quite work as well. These teams seem a
level or two beneath the NWO, but at the same time the NWO has beaten up
everyone so many times that it doesn’t mean much when they beat up the
main event guys anymore.
and Giant come out for the save and clear the ring. Sting drops from
the ceiling to end the show. He stands with WCW and that’s it. Hogan is
Overall Rating: D+.
WCW hit a MAJOR funk over the summer, as the world title wouldn’t be
defended on PPV from March until August, making most of the PPV main
events totally worthless. Spring Stampede would be Savage vs. Page, the
next month would be a six man tag and the third would be Rodman/Hogan
vs. Luger/Giant. There were no major matches to build to so there was
little going on in the way of television. This was a good example of
that, as aside from Page and Savage getting set up, almost nothing
happened here. That would be the case for the next few months.
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