Cena heel turn

Someone in the comments referenced how Cena never changes his matches or the way he performs due to the jeers he often receives.  My response is why would he, or the WWE, ever allow that to happen??
Hundreds of thousands of kids that walk into arenas forces their parents to drop $50 at least on Cena gear.  Not to mention PPV buys, action figures, DVDs, etc. and the fact that he has new gear at least once a year.  WWE knows that the kids are where the marketing is, so Cena is going to play smiling babyface all the time because those kids are always going to be there.  It's kind of redundant and pointless to scream "turn Cena heel" when its stupid to do so and the reason why is pretty obvious.  The only people who would jump for joy at that are people who don't buy WWE stuff and find the PPVs for free on the internet.
My question though, or my question of your opinion, is this: why do we, the smart/internet fans, clamor for Cena to change so much?  Think about it, Hogan did the same schtick for 12 years and made millions and millions of dollars for himself and a lot of other people.  Yet, you didn't have the same reactions back then.  Is it that Cena is on TV every week, sometimes more often than that, whereas Hogan was only on TV once every couple of months?  Or is it the influence that the internet has on the fanbase?  Hogan didn't have to deal with people checking the dirtsheets multiple times a day and once that started, the fans turned on him pretty quickly.  'Net fans are more prevalent in most arenas than net fans want to think.  The IWC isn't as small and niche as it was ten years ago. 

Gah, please don't say "IWC" on this site.  

Anyway, yes, the difference in reaction is definitely that Hogan wasn't on TV every week plus PPV.  Hogan was a special attraction who you generally had to pay money to see, and no more than once a month at that.  
However, Hogan may have done "the same shtick" for 12 years, but by 91 it was sure as hell not getting the same kind of reaction it did in 88.  And Hogan had most of 1990 off, so there was a long period where we had a break from him.  By the end of 95 Hogan was going to destroy his own career if he didn't change somehow.  Cena's been on top, in the same position and doing the same act, for more than 8 years now!  And the kids who were fans of his in 2005 aren't getting older and finding new people to cheer, because in fact the audience is stagnating or shrinking and they're not exactly adding new people to replace those lost fans.  And on the merch front, my only counter to that is "New World Order."