Big Man!

Hi Scott
The issue of size is coming up a lot on the Nash thread and the question I wanted to put out is: the fact that smaller men tend to be more talented from a pure wrestling perspective notwithstanding, do you think it's possible that in the modern era wrestling quite simply IS a big mans game?
Looking at all the major wrestling tragedies, near misses and guys who are alive but not what you'd call healthy, Benoit, Guerero, Pillman, Bulldog, Dynamite, Gilbert, Hennig, Rude, Waltman, Hardys, Shawn (he came very close in 97-98) they all have one thing in common: they're all small or smallish men. Consequently they all had to, in varying degrees, take more steroids to look right, do crazier and crazier s--- to get noticed and just generally push themslves that much harder to keep whatever spot they could attain. Shawn literally survived by the grace of God and Bret appears to have been an exception to the rule (he got over more on the basis of wrestling ability than crazy bumps so he didn't wreck his body to quite the same extent).
Hogan, Nash, Andre, Warrior, Show, Taker and all the usual suspects were naturally big and larger than life therefore they didn't have to do anywhere near as much to get over and stay over and for most of them that translated into career longevity without dicing with death (Andre is obviously a somewhat unique case).
Sorry to ramble but I'm sure you can see what I'm getting at. What do you think?
WhileI'm at it: which WWE dvd set has fallen the farthest short of what it could have been in your view? I say the Hart Family set. Don't get me wrong, it's very good but it could have been AWESOME….

Hey now, one question per e-mail unless you're doing a list.  THAT'S THE RULES.  And since you're not a babyface champion, you don't get to break the rules.  But I'll answer it this time anyway:  The World Class set.  There you go.
Anyway, I think it has more to do with the style of wrestling than the body type itself, because smaller guys tend to work a harder-hitting and faster-paced style, carrying muscle that the human body is just not built to carry.  Plus there's been plenty of bigger guys like Test and Mike Awesome who HAVE died in the same fashion as smaller guys.  I think it's just that wrestling as a whole will kill you if you let it.