This might not interest many people, but Wrestleline is where i
discovered your writing and represents when i got "involved" in the
IWC.  Anyway, i was wondering whatever happened to all the old
Wrestleline writers?  Beyond yourself, I know Rick Scaia runs
www.oowrestling.com, but he never writes on it so I never go to it,
but I loved his work.  How about CRZ, or Denny Burckholder, or anyone
else who wrote for Wrestleline in the late 90s, early 2000s?  And what
was Mike Samuda arrested for?

Now this is based on the assumption that there aren't two Florida-based Michael Samudas out there who are both lawyers.  
Rick, as you noted, is still writing very occasionally for his own site, and if he ever asked me for a plug I'd happily throw one his way. CRZ has been running the-w.com for many years now and I enjoy lurking there as well.  Denny still works for CBS Sports.  I barely even remember who else was on there at that time, honestly.  I was actually reading through my old stuff from 2001 and I was surprised how acrimonious my departure was at the time.  I went off on a whole rant about not getting paid on time, which is weird because I don't even remember getting paid AT ALL, so it couldn't have been for long.