Unprofessional in the ring

Scott –

After reading about the Hogan/HBK match from SummerSlam – and how Shawn was or wasn't "unprofessional" with his dramatic over-selling – I wanted to get some suggestions from you.  What other famous/well-known instances can you provide where someone was noticeably taking liberties with someone in the ring? 

I know some of your readers mentioned the Paul Roma/Alex Wright match from SuperBrawl (I think), and then there was the Berlyn/Hacksaw Duggan match where even the announcers mention how stiff ("physical") the match is getting.  The Brody/Luger cage match was a car wreck, too.  Are there any other specific instances you can think of?


Bob Holly notably sandbagged Brock Lesnar in one match, deciding that he wasn't going up for a powerbomb, and that's the biggest recent one I can think of off the top of my head.  Of course Holly also decided to beat the s--- out of Matt Cappotelli on Tough Enough after the kids had to hear a lecture about trusting people in the ring.  In fact, for a lot of these you can just fill in "Bob Holly".