Jake’s Tights

Hi Scott!!!
question for the mailbag: According to Jake The Snakes wiki page,
during his feud with Rick Rude, the tights Rude wore with Jakes wife
on them (awesome idea by the way) was NOT sanctioned by the WWF. Is
that true? I know wikipedia isn’t the most reliable source of
information but I have never heard that before. This was one of my all
time favorite angles btw.

If it wasn’t sanctioned by WWF, they sure were fine with putting unsanctioned tights on all their syndicated TV and replaying it a million times.  Wiki is full of crap on that one.

Edit to add:  I think I know where the confusion comes in here.  For a long time, Jake claimed that HE wasn’t told that Rude was going to wear those tights, which I think might have gotten changed by the internet telephone game into WWF not authorizing the tights.  Jake would also be full of s---, but at least that’s a less stupid notion to buy into.  

bonus question: is Rick Scacia (sp) of Online Onslaught out of prison yet?

I believe you’re thinking of Michael Samuda.  I don’t even know if he went to prison, he was just convicted and might have gotten probation or something.