SummerSlam Randoms Redux


Quick randoms, re: SummerSlam

1. Favorite Summerslam?

1991.  Great show up and down the card with all the babyfaces going over in the blowoff matches.  

2. Favorite SummerSlam match?

Warrior destroying Honky Tonk Man at the first one.  

3. Do you ever think the 1991 main event should have been Hogan vs. Warrior Part II?  They could have spent the period between Wrestlemania 7 and SummerSlam with Hogan & Warrior knocking the Sgt. Slaughter team around at house shows, only to have Warrior demand a title shot at SummerSlam.  To this day I'm surprised Hogan never made sure that Warrior return job happened (in WWF anyway).

Having that match at Summerslam would have been a giant waste of a potential Wrestlemania monster buyrate. 

4. At the time, and to this day, it seemed like SummerSlam 2000 should have been headlined by HHH vs. Y2J for the title (with Rock vs. Benoit, Undertaker vs. Angle rematches from Fully Loaded).  Was that ever planned, or was it decided early on that Kurt Angle was going to be the next guy elevated?

I don't remember the specifics of the time period, but Angle was the guy getting the rocket up his ass almost as soon as he debuted.  

5. Did the WWF really plan on Mabel being something following SummerSlam 1995, or was he just Monster-of-the-Week to be fed to Diesel?

I don't think they had any plans for him past Summerslam, no.  

6. Was Hogan vs. Austin ever slated for SummerSlam 2002?  That year, SummerSlam was held in Toronto, like Wrestlemania, which had the white-hot crowd for Rock-Hogan.  Capitalizing with Hogan-Austin AND Rock-Lesnar seemed a given.  Weird.

Dude, you've asked this one before.  2002 was in LONG ISLAND, not Toronto.  And no, there was no plans of Hogan-Austin. 

7. Is Bret vs. Owen from SummerSlam 1994 the best one-on-one cage match ever?

No, Magnum-Tully is.