Monday Night Open Mic

After a week off we’re back and good thing too since these 3-hour mega RAWs don’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

The upside is last week’s show seemed to have a couple of decent wrestling matches. The downside is that it lasts three hours.

Ranting on NWA Worldwide has given me an appreciation for how much you can pack in one hour if done correctly. Worldwide had approx. 42 minutes of air time and usually 12-15 minutes were dedicated to in-ring action (usually quick squashes with one extended squash or a feature match that takes up 8+ minutes) and the rest were dedicated to interviews. Seems like a lot of talking but it was so well distributed because seemingly anyone could walk into that grey interview room and speak on anything for a couple of minutes.

So since we have three-hour RAWs it’s time to bring back the interview room. There’s a lot of talk on RAW now but it’s dominated by six people. Nothing would make me happier than seeing…JTG or Alex Riley speak for two minutes about his future plans. Besides the unintentional comedy possibilities there’s a slim chance it might actually work for one of these guys.

That might be my only real issue with the WWE right now, they seem a little apprehensive when it comes to letting these underneath guys have a little voice and they are down right afraid if one of them actually gets over. It’s easy to point a finger at Triple H or Cena or Vince or whoever but the problem has to be even deeper than that. The people at the top don’t see the value in having a deep roster. They don’t see the value in having strong secondary champions. They don’t see the value in the lesser-known guys creating a voice.

So being the eternal optimist I hope the three-hour RAW allows that light to go off in someone’s head and think more about quality roster depth. Maybe grab Tyson Kidd in the hallway and tell him he’s got two minutes of interview time this week, make something happen and you’ll get two and a half the following week.

Anyway, my silly thoughts. Enjoy the show…swing…keep it clean…you know the drill.