Unprofessionalism in the ring and on TV

Lots of us are aware of what happened between Hogan and Michaels in the SummerSlam 05.  Here's a link to the match:
As often as Triple H, Hogan, and other backstage power players get bashed for their actions, hasn't Shawn Michaels been the most unprofessional guy in the ring and on TV?  He's done it numerous times.  This particular time is even more interesting because of Michael's age.  He isn't a young kid (relatively speaking) anymore.  Was he that upset that the master of backstage politics Hulk Hogan got one over on him?  The next night, Michaels goes after Hogan again:
Has anybody else really been as bad as Shawn Michaels when it comes to these type of things?  Was he justified in any of them?  Did Michaels get what he deserved when Hogan got him in SummerSlam 05?

I don't think there was any real animosity there, in my opinion it was more just that Shawn needed to be a heel to make the match work, but he didn't want to be a heel long-term, so he just did a winking heel turn where everyone was in on the joke so that he could go back to being a babyface again right away.  They drew a good buyrate for the one show, Shawn isn't hurt by the exaggerated job, Hogan thinks he's still the master politician and goes away happily.  Everyone wins.