No love for Del Rio

What's up Scott? Just wanted to get your take on the IWC turning its back on Alberto Del Rio. He was a internet darling last year and the IWC was up in arms when he lost to Edge at WMania. Is it beacause of his 2 short title reigns? I don't see how that was his fault, he held up his end of the bargain every time he's been in a ppv main event.  I realize WWE creative hasn't given him much in terms of storylines, however when given the chance he proves he is one of the top workers in the company.  I for one hope he ends Sheamus's reign at Summerslam but I won't hold my breath. Your thoughts?

The current lack of love is because he's become such a ridiculously stagnant character and worker.  He's been doing the same schtick and same matches over and over since winning the belt last year.  Comes out in a car, talks about his destiny, beats Santino with an armbar, lather rinse repeat.  He's a good worker, obviously, but he's also one of the worst cases I've seen of someone getting to the main event and then completely resting on his laurels.  Maybe if they de-pushed him like every other guy who gets there and fails, it would light a fire under his ass and make him reinvent himself, but neither part of that seems likely, I'll continue to be bored by him.