Hey Scott,
Given Randy Orton's return this past week, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on his future. He's dropped down the pecking order of faces (I'd say 3rd after Sheamus, given Punk's not-quite-a-turn) and he hasn't developed his act in years. Can they trust him with a world title, or would he be willing to 'lower himself' to the IC or US titles? Assuming no, what does he do next?

Well, his next move is to leave for a while to play an EMT who hates wearing pants in 12 Rounds 2:  12 More Rounds!  I dunno if that's the official subtitle, but it damn well should be.  The hilarious part is of course that John Cena went on WWE TV and BURIED the original movie as part of the leadup to the Rock feud, and they now expect people to pay for a sequel to this movie that was so shitty that EVEN THE STAR OF THE MOVIE wants nothing to do with it.  And of course the plot once again involves someone's wife being kidnapped as a hostage and blah blah blah.  As someone on the F4W board noted about this, how stupid did every other wrestling promotion in history have to be for these guys to be the last ones standing?  
Anyway, I'm sure Randy Orton will continue pounding the mat and doing his turnbuckle pose for years to come.