Memphis Heat!

I ended up on the PR mailing list for the Memphis Heat DVD (and the original book it was based on), so I finally just got them to send me a copy, and it’s a really awesome slice of memories about what made the territory so fun to begin with.  Certainly as a documentary it’s fairly limited because of footage rights issues and only having certain people involved in the making of it, but man is it ever a good start for newer fans of the Memphis style who might not be aware of all the history behind it.  The behind the scenes stuff with Jerry Jarrett splitting off from Nick Gulas is crazy, almost a wrestling storyline in itself.  At 90 minutes, there’s tons of stuff that is either glossed over or missed entirely (like Randy Savage and his whole legendary run), but this is just chalk full of great old footage and it’s tremendous entertainment for old school fans.  Plus there’s HOURS of extras with classic footage and more interviews with Lawler and Jarrett and Fargo and that whole crew.  I loved every minute of it.