Heath Slater: WWE Legend

How great would it be if after this gimmick of getting beaten up by the legends each week, Slater gets some sort of acceptance from them and reverses the trend, wherein some guy is in the ring each week and Slater comes out paying tribute to a past WWE legend? The possibilites are endless, and better yet, the guys you couldn't get nowadays for various reasons (Hulk, Macho, Warrior) would be the most obvious ones to use and would probably get the biggest reaction. Best of all, it lets fans further invest in Slater and by the time the whole thing is done, you've got someone the fans really care about and has had plenty of opportunity to show his personality. Thoughts?

Or!  He could go out and lose in a minute to Randy Orton to pay off these weeks of TV time.  That'd be AWESOME.  
Slater's run has been fun, but I honestly don't see them suddenly giving a s--- about him, especially when they already have the US champion as a comedy jobber.