Any early predictions for Wrestlemania 29?  People seem to be kicking around the idea of Brock vs. Undertaker.  Perhaps a Rock-Cena rematch, but where is the suspense in that?  Maybe they could unify the titles with Cena vs. Punk in an IronMan match?  Rock vs. HHH promoted as "Icon vs. Icon"?  Or do you stick a title on Lesnar and use him to put over Sheamus?  Do you think we'll see Steve Austin in the ring this time around?

I'm pretty sure we're getting Lesnar-UT, Rock-Cena II and maybe Punk-Austin now that he's a whiny heel again.  I do think that Brock-Sheamus is a cool dynamic that would probably be a hell of a match, but there's not really space in Brock's run for Sheamus The Giant Killer to kill that particular giant.