Monday Nitro – March 10, 1997

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Monday Nitro #78
Date: March 10, 1997
Location: Club La Vela,
Panama City, Florida
Commentators: Bobby
Heenan, Mike Tenay, Larry Zbyszko, Tony Schiavone
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
This is a theme show as
we’re in a night club in Florida with pools everywhere. This would
be the start of what was called Spring Breakout which was an annual
event if I remember right. This is also the go home show for
Uncensored 1997 so I’d assume we’ll get the real Team Piper
introduced tonight as well as the rules for the main event. Let’s
get to it.

We open with Hogan and
Rodman fawning over Rodman’s new movie poster. It’s for Double Team
which was awful.
The arena looks great
as we have the ring kind of on a platform surrounded by a big pool.
Piper and his team, all
in Scottish clothes, arrive.
High Voltage vs.
Steve McMichael/Jeff Jarrett
Mongo vs. Kaos gets us
going. Kaos tries to Control (five points to anyone that gets that)
the arm but Mongo fires off his football tackles. Off to Jarrett who
hits the running hip attack on the ropes but Rage interferes to take
over. A modified Samoan Drop by Rage sets up a slingshot splash by
Kaos for two. The fans want Flair but they get a suplex by Kaos to
bring Rage back in. Jarrett moves from a flying dive and beats them
both up with ease before tagging in Mongo. We go over some of the
stipulations for Uncensored which I’ll get to later. Tombstone ends
Rating: D.
This was an extended workout for the Horsemen. Jarrett was in
trouble for about 30 seconds and then came back and easily beat up
both guys. I guess this is them proving that they’re ok now and can
work together, but it doesn’t make their story any more interesting.
This was pretty much a squash.
Here’s Team Piper to
talk about Uncensored. After a quick chat about sex and mattresses,
Piper complains about Howard Stern not having him on his show. As
for Rodman, Piper makes some almost gay jokes and runs down the WWF.
They’ve been making fun of WCW for having one hipped wrestlers, but
he beat up Goldust on PPV on one hip. Anyway, these guys are his
family now….and here come the Horsemen.
Anderson says that this
Sunday is a job for professionals, not amateurs. They have a common
enemy in the NWO and maybe they can work together to pull this thing
off. Piper says these guys that he’s known for a week are his
family, so Flair tries to talk him out of it too. Flaiir says Piper
is outmatched and needs some backup in the form of the Horsemen.
Piper gyrates and puts on Flair’s coat after Ric throws it in the
air. Piper says ok and the Family is never mentioned again.
TV Title: Dave
Taylor vs. Prince Iaukea
After about 20 seconds
of the match, here’s the NWO in their Hummer limo. They’re going in
the back because Hall “knows the dishwasher.” Ok then. Since
there are about 30 guys, someone (Wallstreet I think) is dropped down
onto the ground. The A Team doesn’t bother checking on him. Back in
the arena the wrestlers trade pinfall attempts for one. Iaukea hits
a cross body for the pin. We saw about 45 seconds of this.
US Title: Eddie
Guerrero vs. Jim Powers
Dean is on commentary
and says that Eddie is jealous of Dean. Eddie takes him down to the
mat to start and works on the knee for a bit. Dean goes over the
reasons why he’s better than Eddie which are pretty awesome. He
suggests that Eddie cheats to win too much as Powers does his usual
stuff. Eddie easily comes back and hits the slingshot hilo for two.
Teddy gets up on the apron, only to have Powers rammed into him.
Eddie gets the rollup to retain. This was nothing but Dean’s
comments were pretty good.
Eddie says that he
isn’t the one that’s been saying all these things. He isn’t punching
and kicking and choking is he? Gene agrees but says Eddie has been
changing. Eddie is tired of hearing about that and is also tired of
Dean’s attitude.
Diamond Dallas Page
vs. Sgt. Craig Pittman
Pittman shoves him
around to start so Page grabs a headlock. A hip toss attempt is
countered so Page hits a kind of X Factor. Pittman says screw this
wrestling stuff and takes Page down, pounding him with right hands.
A bad belly to belly gets two for Sarge. Page fires away with
punches and hits the Diamond Cutter for the pin.
Rating: D.
Not much here but it was another win for Page which is what he
needed. Sometimes the right move is just to keep putting someone on
TV and let him hit a popular move over and over again. It worked for
Page and he would rise up the card to main event PPVs in just a few
Page talks about
Savage….and the power goes out. Page keeps going because I don’t
think he realizes the audio is out. The lights are out though so you
would think he picked up on that. Post break Page gets to say it
again and basically it’s I’m coming for you Savage.
Rey Mysterio Jr. vs.
Galaxy is better known
as Damien. Larry talks about Page needing to keep the rats away from
him, which Tony needs clarification on in an unintentionally funny
bit. Rey escapes a full nelson to start and speeds things up.
Galaxy gets flipped around a lot and is almost launched into the
pool. Galaxy tries Old School but gets crotched for his efforts. He
misses a moonsault and West Coast Pop ends this short match.
Hour #2.
The announcers talk for
a bit.
Gene brings out some
guy named John Sencio from MTV. He brings out Miss Monday Nitro who
is some blonde. Catch the NWO on MTV this week and that’s about it.
Amazing French
Canadians/Greg Valentime/Roadblock vs. Lex Luger/The Giant/Steiner
We get the full rules
of the main event here: if Team Piper wins, Piper gets a cage match
with Hogan eventually. If the NWO wins, they get any title match
they want, anywhere. What titles do they not own at the moment
anyway? TV and US? This would later be changed to they basically
had no rules on them and could do anything. If WCW wins, the NWO
loses all their titles and all of their wrestlers are banned from
competing for THREE YEARS. Luger and Valentine start and the match
is as much of a squash as you would expect. Rick gets beaten on for
a few seconds before Giant chokeslams Roadblock for the pin.
Team WCW says they’ll
Juventud Guerrera
vs. Ultimo Dragon
Juvy immediately slides
under Dragon to start and they both miss some shots. Dragon misses a
running double ax in the corner but Juvy’s rana is countered. Dragon
throws him to the floor and Sonny fires off some kicks. Back in
Dragon channels his inner Sting and no sells chops. There are the
rapid fire kicks and Juvy is in trouble.
Dragon hits his
spinning rack breaker for two. Surfboard goes on followed by a
chinlock. Juvy escapes pretty quickly and hits a flip dive on the
floor, which is impressive given the small space between the ring and
the water. Back in Juvy gets a rollup for two, followed by a good
looking kick to the head. Dragon hits a Liger Bomb for two, followed
by the super rana and Tiger Suplex for the pin.
Rating: C+.
This wasn’t bad at all but it was pretty much a filler match. Dragon
wasn’t your usual cruiserweight but he could fly fairly well when
need be. Juvy on the other hand was a great flier, but he needed
someone that could keep up with him like Rey of Kidman. Not a bad
match but at under five minutes, what are you expecting here?
Chris Jericho vs.
Scotty Riggs
Riggs’ suspenders never
quite worked on him. He starts off in control with a dropkick and a
slam for two. We’re in a jawbreaker less than a minute in but
Jericho escapes with a quick jawbreaker. Overhead belly to belly
puts Riggs onto the apron so Jericho can hit his springboard
dropkick. A suplex back in gets two. Riggs comes back with
dropkicks and no one cares. I mean at all. Jericho crotches him on
the top but Scotty manages to hit a top rope clothesline for two.
The Canadian hits a German on the American for two and here’s Buff
Bagweel to attack Riggs with a strap for the DQ.
Rating: D.
Nothing to see here as Riggs was one of the most uninteresting guys
in years. The only thing he had was to feud with Bagwell and once
everyone realized that no one cared about the American Males feuding,
all they could do was put him in the Flock, which really just
prolonged his career instead of improving it.
Madusa says the same
thing as last week. She still wants the title and wants Luna too.
Lee Marshall does his
Hardbody Harrison
vs. Kevin Sullivan
Harrison is most famous
for suing WCW for not getting pushed because he was black. His lack
of talent probably had more to do with it but why let that get in the
way of a lawsuit? Total domination and Jackie gets to beat up
Harrison a bit. Harrison gets a pair of rollups for two and they go
outside again. Tony gets the guy’s name wrong and they fight to a
double countout. By fight I mean Harrison gets beaten up.
Sullivan beats him up
on the beach. Back to ringside and Harrison gets thrown in the water
to a big pop. Sullivan, Jackie and Hart say their usual stuff post
Here’s the NWO to close
the show. The main thing here is that we need to confirm that Dennis
Rodman is part of the NWO. We get an extended version of the thing
that opened the show with Rodman getting an NWO shirt. Sting gets
handed his NWO shirt but never puts it on, which is ignored by Hogan
and Bischoff. The Outsiders are ready for the Steiners, Giant and
Luger. Savage doesn’t remember DDP’s name and Sting has nothing to
say on the subject. The segment ends and Heenan asks a very good
question: with Bischoff’s power suspended, how do they get promo
With literally two and
a half minutes left in the show, here are Public Enemy for a promo.
They run down the Horsemen for bailing out on their tag match and
taking the main event spot. Harlem Heat jumps them and we’re done.
What a strange ending.
Overall Rating: D+.
This show is a good example of the absence of good. The show isn’t
really bad or anything, but nothing in the two hours that it was on
was what I would call good. Most of the stuff on it is watchable and
none of it is what I would call horrible or even bad, but the show
did a pretty bad job of building to the PPV. I know about two
matches on the card and the main event was literally not explained at
all. I have no idea what the match is going to be like based on this
show. That’s certainly a strategy for building a PPV up, but it was
also used on the Doomsday Cage match so take it for what it’s worth.

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