UPDATE! With Sean Mooney!

Instead of forcing fans to sit through b------- video recaps, why not bring back the old school "Control Center" segments? Build a set, through up some graphics, and get a couple of guys to give exposition on the storylines to recap them?
And hell, get Zach Ryder and Eve to do them (thrown together by AJ to punish Eve) and go forth with the cliched angle of "male and female newscasters who hate each other and constantly make catty remarks about the other while covering the news".
Similarly, they could bring back the power ranking stuff and use that to keep up the sliver of an appearance that CM Punk does matter as champion by having him as #1 on the ranking board.

I don't know about power rankings, but a thousand times YES to the return of the UPDATE centers, where they actually run down storylines and hype upcoming PPVs and such.  Such an easy way to emphasize things that you want without beating it into the heads of the fans, and it makes it seem important by highlighting it even without dramatic music cues.