Question for you on wrestling territories

Hey Scott, big fan of yours.  I just wanted to ask you four quick questions about the wrestling territories that could spark some debate among the great readers of the blog. Thanks!
1 – What was your favorite wrestling territory?
2 – What was your least wrestling favorite territory
3 – What was the most overrated wrestling territory?
4- What was the most underrated wrestling territory?

Yes!  I rule at lightning rounds!
1.  Crockett Promotions 86-91, at which point it officially became WCW as a separate entity and went down the toilet for a while.  If you don't count that as a territory, then we'll say Memphis.  
2.  AWA.  Especially since it was going so far downhill when I was getting into wrestling.  It was something to watch in the afternoon and I liked Hennig and the Rockers, but that style just wasn't my thing.  I've grown to enjoy certain aspects of it more in hindsight and now that I can appreciate different styles as opposed to 13 year old me, but it still doesn't hold a special place in my heart or anything.  And those shows on ESPN Classic…WOOF.   
3.  ECW, duh.
4.  Mid-South/UWF.  Bill Watts was a revolutionary force who never got the chance to evolve with the times like he should have.