Hey man, long time reader here. I was on YouTube the other day and I found a vid of triple h pedigreeing zack Ryder for no apparent reason. So it made me think why WWE feels the need to do segments where they make characters look weak when it does nothing to make money or advance a storyline. Im pretty sure this was when Ryder was actually really getting over. I'm not just singling out  HHH. The segment on raw 1000 where Kane and taker took out six guys pisses me off, not because they buried six lower guys, it's just not necessary. Why go out of your way to make guys who nobody cares about look even worse? Shouldn't your characters be strong to make money? Anyway I'm done venting, my question is do you recall any segment that really unnecessarily made someone look weak, useless, stupid etc. etc. thanks

HHH used to do that sort of thing ALL THE TIME from 2002-2004.  The one that still makes me mad is Eugene, because he was getting over just fine as a midcard comedy guy, and HHH rocketed him up the card to leech off his popularity and then squashed him like a BUG at Summerslam 2004 once everyone had gotten sick of seeing Eugene as a major player.  It was a really awful thing to do to someone, especially when they spent months building up how Eugene the character idolized and worshipped HHH.  Only HHH could be threatened by the retarded guy, but there you have it.