NWA Worldwide 1-30-88

Sorry for no Monday Night Open Mic, I was sick as a dog with no voice and no energy. I tried to tell Mr. Princess to post it but…I had no voice and I think I was asleep anyway. Thanks to Scott for taking care of it.

Still feel like s--- but I wanted to throw up a couple of Worldwides and maybe get through February by the end of the weekend.

Our intro teaser this week is a Koloff-Rotundo/a match in which Koloff was about to go for the sickle and Sullivan interfered.

Hosted by Tony and Davey

Tony teases an instant replay issue between Windham and Blanchard. He says that Beautiful Bobby won’t face Dusty Rhodes for the U.S. title due to a contractual issue with Eaton.

Anyway we go back to last week’s U.S. Tag title match in a steel cage between The Superpowers and The Midnight Express. Dick Murdoch interferes and it’s a disqualification because how else would a STEEL CAGE match end? Koloff grabs the racket and cleans house.

We’re back at ringside with The Road Warriors. Bench press challenge is coming up. Still don’t understand why four guys with the reputation of being rough and tough would settle their differences on a bench press. Road Warrior Hawk’s portion of the promo is of course awesome. The challenge is happening tonight in Greensboro, North Carolina…well only if tonight was January 30, 1988.

Sting vs. Gary Royal

Sting no sells a Royal dropkick as Tony tells us the main event is The Sheepherders vs. The Rock & Roll Express. Sting pounds on Royal but Royal turns the tide. Eh? His advantage doesn’t last long as he goes to the top and gets slammed. Dropkick, stinger splash and scorpion deathlock end all the fun.

Call the Wrestling Hotline 1-900-660-9000. Kids, be sure your parents know you are calling! Anyone ever call one of these hotlines? Get any good info?

Chi-Town Heat video trailer makes the card sound better than it was.

We’re in the grey interview room with The Varsity Club that now includes Rick Steiner. Sullivan and Rotundo/a already start treating Steiner like s---. BTW Sullivan appears to be quite aroused during this interview. I didn’t want to mention this but f--- man…it’s RIGHT there. Think about baseball or something! Anyway they show the tape of the opening teaser and it’s the same stuff. Rotundo/a gets DQ’ed and the beat down starts until the calvary makes the save.

Now we’re in the grey interview room with JR (!!) and Bob Caudle talking about the Western States Heritage title match between Windham and Blanchard. JR goes into the hyperbole to introduce the tape about 27+ minutes in the match.

Western States Heritage Title: Barry Windham vs. Tully Blanchard

Like JR said we’re picking this one up 27 minutes in. Blanchard is working on the knee as we’re down to three minutes. Blanchard goes to the top but Windham stops him and follows him for the superplex but his leg gave out. Out of nowhere Windham hits the lariat and J.J. Dillon rings the bell at the 28-minute mark and Tommy Young stops the match. That was awesome but how does it exactly help his guy? Windham is the champion so ringing the bell guarantees he will keep the belt anyway. Lex Luger runs to protest and Tommy Young is shown the replay on those 4″ black and white monitors and decides the match much go on. So Tully quickly gets Windham into an inside cradle but Luger stops the count so Blanchard attacks him and they brawl while Dillon eliminates Windham with the shoe to the throat. Anderson and Flair come in and we’ve got a beatdown. DDT from Anderson. They hold Luger while Flair tries to convince Windham to join their side. Windham politely declines and adds a punch on Flair. Now it’s a real brawl. Meanwhile a fan jumps into the ring and absolutely gets pummeled by Anderson and Dillon. Now Sting is out and the place goes bananas. Post-match interview sees Luger apologize to Windham for his past actions and they shake hands and share nice words. Windham says that there’s a contract for a match with Arn & Tully and he wants to team with Luger and take them out. And cue the manly handshake. Awwww. I bet that friendship will last FOREVER! That’s worth a *** rating right there for all the storylines. See that’s how you make an hour-long show cool.

Back to the ringside interview area with Dusty. He calls Bobby Eaton a ‘yella dog’ and calls Dick Murdoch a ‘yella egg-sucking dog’ and says Stan Lane is even worse than that. What did Lane do to you man?!! Now he’s gonna fight.

Dusty Rhodes vs. Stagger Lee

Lee attacks Rhodes and pays dearly for it. Big poochie elbow drop ends things after 20 seconds. Dusty never took his ring jacket off.

Call the Wrestling Hotline. Please

The Sheepherders vs. The Rock & Roll Express

Another cool element of this show: for the feature matches Tony would actually come in and do the ring announcing. Not sure who that punk is with the mullet that is carrying the New Zealand flag for the Sheepherders. Johnny Spade or something.

Rock & Rollers attack the Herders to start and clean house immediately. Morton and Butch start this one off. Morton hits a dropkick on Butch and Luke jumps in and the R&R both hit dropkicks to send the ‘Herders back to the floor. Gibson and Luke start the next segment and Gibson rolls but tags to Morton who immediately gets eye-raked. Morton, however, recovers by using the ‘Herders dirty heel tactics against them. Quick tag to Gibson but Luke counters with a shot to the throat and we go to commercial.

We’re back and Butch is pounding away on Gibson and tosses him to the floor. Luke sends him into the guard railing and back in the ring. Luke in the ring with a kitchen sink knee and a tag to Butch, who misses the elbow from the second rope. Hot tag to Morton, who takes on both men successfully for a bit. High cross body from Morton gets two and now all four men are in the ring. Double dropkick but the ref is distracted and Johnny Ace comes in and whacks Morton with the flag. The idiot should have left the ring but he hits Gibson too and draws the DQ. They try to cut Morton’s super mullet but no dice as Gibson saves with a chair. Damn. **

Powers of Pain vs. Kendall Windham & Scrubby McGruff

Barbarian overpowers Windham a couple of times and allows him to tag McGruff, who gets folded in half with a powerslam. Big boot from Barbarian and a tag to Warlord, who press slams McGruff into a back breaker. Cool version of the decapitation (side backbreaker & Barbarian coming off the top with a swan headbutt) ends this quickly. I’m feeling the Barbarian more I watch these guys. He was a fairly talented big man in his day. Vince could have made big money with him chasing Hogan.

Wrestling Hotline anyone?

Chi-Town heat VHS tape anyone?

Back to ringside with Paul Jones. $50,000 bench press challenge. Oh yeah, everyone’s talking about it. Why couldn’t they do a cage match to the death again?

Larry Zybysko vs. Curtis Thompson

Wow Baby Doll looks really cute tonight, especially by Baby Doll standards. Even in a show filled with 30-second squashes Zybysko manages to stall. You can take the guy out of the AWA but…Zybysko with some “karate” kicks and a reverse neckbreaker for three.

Ringside interview with the Four Horsemen, now we’re talking. Flair is in a bit of a relaxed mode tonight so Dillon and Anderson do much of the heavy lifting. Anderson maybe the most underrated promo guy ever? He was so effective with his words. He had a target, he made his points, he made them with passion and he told you what he wanted to do. Tully brings it down a tad but keeps it short.

Grey interview room (no sign of the red interview room tonight) with Jim Cornette and Jim Crockett Jr. They bicker of wrestling Dusty Rhodes and Crockett says either Eaton wrestles Dusty or he’s suspended.

Varsity Club vs. The Pinfall Connection

The one guy just fought Zybysko I think. Sullivan still has a raging hard-on too. Sorry for mentioning it guys…it’s right there. Rotunda/o works over the one guy. He’s the Florida Heavyweight Champion. Steiner comes in and brings the power. You could see Steiner’s talent pretty easily. Tag back to Rotunda/o and he pulls out the underhook suplex. Tag to Steiner and he stretches the guy out for the submission.

Tony and Davey pimp the NWA Dream Match to close things out.