More about territories…sort of

Hey Scott,
The post about territories motivated me to ask this…
So in the 90's everyone talked about how there were the Big 2 wrestling promotions: WWF & WCW, later on it became The Big 3 with ECW included…
I know in the 80's if there were a Big 3, number 3 would have been AWA; but UWF (Bill Watts) was making a play for national exposure (I think), so it was kinda/sorta a Big 4. These days TNA is number 2, and some like to say ROH is 3. 
So what my question is, is of all time we know WWF/WWE is numero uno, and that WCW/NWA/JCP (including territory stuff from Mid Atlantic, Georgia, Florida, & Kansas City) is the number 2…but past that–of all times–what is number 3 national promotion? Number 4? etc. How many companies even fit the bill of being, or trying to be, a national promotion? I mean I love ECW, but realistically it can't the number 3 national wrestling promotion of all time; where does AWA, TNA, UWF, World Class all fit into the equation? Are there any others I've missed?

AWA was a pretty clear #3, and often #2 depending on who was aligned with who at the time.  Plus they were a legitimate national promotion and had Hulk Hogan, so that one's kind of a slam dunk.  I'd say ECW was a solid #4 because they had national TV and did some national touring, even for a short time.  World Class was the first one to do the big TV syndication thing worldwide, so that's worth something.  Then there's also promotions like Paul Boesch's St. Louis one which lasted for DECADES, not to mention Roy Shire's San Francisco promotion which basically taught Pat Patterson how to book.  

So yeah, I'd go:
3.  AWA
4.  ECW
5.  World Class