My million dollar idea

I've decided that I'm going to make my millions by creating the ultimate reality show, so when it comes along there's documentation that I thought of it first.  I think I might have pitched this one on Facebook or somewhere before, but I want to make sure it's well documented when someone steals the idea.  It'll be called Reality Gauntlet (or Jack Of All Trades, I'm not entirely sold on either name yet) and here's how it works.  Current shows are based on the premise that a bunch of reality whores are really good at one skill, when in fact we know it has more to do with TV readiness and personality and such.  So why not create a show that makes you be good (or at least not the worst of, say, 12 people) at EVERYTHING?  You get your usual cast of 10-12 wacky people, and each episode sees them having to master a different reality show genre.  It'll have to be played for broad parody to escape legal trouble, but it's probably do-able.  So each week the contestants get a crash course in that week's skill, and then boom, off they go and the worst person at the task is eliminated, until you're left with the winner, who is the person was at least able to get by enough to pass each week.  You can do:

– A modelling challenge (America's Next Top Model)
– A fashion design challenge (Project Runway)
– A cooking challenge (Hell's Kitchen)
– An obstacle course (Wipeout)
– A singing challenge (American Idol)
– A renovation challenge (like something on HGTV)
– A dancing challenge (So You Think You Can Dance)
– A wrestling/MMA challenge (Ultimate Fighter / Tough Enough)
– A grossout challenge (Fear Factor)
– A straight trivia challenge once there's 3 or 4 people left (Jeopardy) or maybe a Minute To Win It type of deal.  
– A survivalist challenge for the big finale (Survivor).
This would of course be grotesquely expensive and probably have legal headaches out the wazoo, but the trainwreck possibilities would be ENDLESS.  I await my royalty cheque from Simon Cowell when this happens next fall.