Best of RAW parts 3 and 4

I’m back with more of the first year of Monday Night RAW. Let’s see how the second half of 1993 fared.


Our next graphic takes us to June 7 and tells us that Shawn Michaels introduced Diesel as his “insurance policy.” It goes to state that in an ironic twist Diesel won the WWE Championship before Shawn did.
The new Intercontinental champion Shawn Michaels is introduced. Having won the title last night at a house show in Albany, NY Shawn comes through the entrance with Diesel behind him. Holy cow! Vinnie Vegas is on RAW! Vince McMahon welcomes us to another live episode of Monday Night RAW with Bobby Heenan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Suddenly Shawn Michaels interrupts Vince by fluffing himself up as well as his aforementioned “insurance policy”/ bodyguard.
Match 1: Shawn Michaels versus Ross Greenburg
Shawn works the arm to start. A reversal leads to a drop-toehold by Michaels. He holds a front facelock momentarily until Greenburg grabs the arm. Michaels counters and gives him a standing armdrag. As Shawn works the arm Vince mentions Shawn’s victory last night with the help of his bodyguard.
Greenburg shoots him off but gets shoulderblocked. Michaels scoop slams Greenburg twice and struts. A third try at a scoop slam earns Greenburg a 1 count from an inside cradle. Shawn peppers him in the corner and tosses him into the center of the ring. He gives him a delayed vertical suplex and a backbreaker soon thereafter. Shawn then mugs for the camera.
We hit the chinlock until Greenburg gets to his feet. He nails Shawn twice then whips him into the ropes. However, Shawn comes off the ropes and gives Greenburg a swinging neckbreaker. He heads to the second turnbuckle and delivers an elbow. A textbook piledriver gets the pin. DUD
Our next graphic takes us to June 21 and tells us that Doink’s signature move was the Whoopie Cushion.
Match 2: Two out of three falls: Doink The Clown versus Marty Jannetty
Doink is already in the ring rolling on the canvas laughing. After Marty gets in the ring Doink attempts to con Marty into a lockup in the corner. Since it’s not Miller time Marty isn’t buying it. They lock up and Doink continues to play mind games by giving a clean break. We get another lockup but Doink gives Marty a couple of punches and a chop before grabbing a headlock.
They criss-cross and Marty drops down first. He leapfrogs him and vaults him while using his feet then gets an armdrag. He holds an armbar until Doink breaks with a hair pull. In the meantime Bobby praises Doink’s use of the “Greco-Roman hair pull.” Another tie-up results in another hair pull. Jannetty gets up in Doink’s face about that.
They criss-cross again until Marty just stops while Doink runs the ropes. Nice psyche job, Marty! Doink forearms Jannetty then whips him into the ropes. Marty grabs him by the wig and sends him face-first to the canvas. After that he grabs an armbar.
Doink shoots him off, leapfrogs Jannetty, but gets caught with a right when trying to flip him. A 2 count is attained so Marty goes back to the arm. Doink counters but Marty flips out of it with an armdrag. Another tie-up goes to the corner where Doink works him over. A cross-corner whip gets reversed into a monkey flip.
Jannetty goes back to the arm but receives an eyepoke. Doink whips him to the ropes but Jannetty catches him with a backslide. That gets 2. Marty cross-corner whips him but misses the blind charge while attempting another monkey flip. Doink then heads to the top rope and hits the Whoopie Cushion for the first fall.
As the second fall begins Doink pounces on Jannetty in the corner and peppers him with rights. A reversed Irish whip by Jannetty leads to a kick to the mush when he ducks prematurely. Doink cross-corner whips him again. Marty hits his back so hard that he’s knocked off his feet. Doink feigns an apology then slaps Jannetty. When Marty goes to the floor Doink mounts the top turnbuckle and gives him a double-axehandle. Savage gets upset because “he just stole my move.”
Doink rolls him back in the ring and gets a 2 count. Marty rolls out of the ring again. Doink tries to pull him back in but gets a shoulder to the midsection. Doink whips him again and puts his head down. As Jannetty tries to kick him Doink cleverly sidesteps him. That gets another 2 count. Doink then grabs a chinlock.
Jannetty breaks the hold, comes off the ropes, and gets a rollup for 2. Another whip leads to a suplex attempt. They fight over leverage, and Marty finally gets him over. He heads to the top rope but Doink is too far away. When Doink finally gets to his feet Jannetty superkicks him. A pinfall attempt is too close to the ropes however. Another Irish whip gets reversed into a facebuster by Jannetty. Top rope fistdrop gets the second fall.
To start the third fall Doink tries to play mind games again with Jannetty. An attempted kick to the gut leads to an atomic drop by Jannetty. Doink comes back off the ropes but gets clotheslined. After a near fall Doink heads outside, grabs Jannetty’s foot, and wraps it around the ring post not once, not twice, but three times! He drags Jannetty to the center of the ring and applies the figure-four. It gets a few 2 counts but no submission. The crowd chants for Marty, and he counters the hold. Doink crawls to the ropes to break it.
As both men get to their feet Doink follows him to the corner and continues to work on the leg. Jannetty comes back with an Irish whip into a back body drop. However, Doink gets a leg trip and applies a single-leg Boston crab. He then briefly turns it into an STF and rams the knee into the canvas. Doink picks him up only to kick him in the leg to put him back down. He heads to the top rope but gets slammed off.
Jannetty whips him off the ropes and gives him the back elbow. As he mounts the second turnbuckle to give Doink the 10-punch count another Doink comes to ringside and hides under the ring. Jannetty then hiptosses Doink out of the corner. The fans clue Jannetty in that there is another Doink under the ring. He goes outside to take a look, and Doink kicks Jannetty into the railing. He then rams Marty head-first to the ring post.
Doink rolls him back in, whips him to the ropes, but misses an elbow. Jannetty leapfrogs and dropkicks him to the outside. While Marty distracts the referee to break the count Doink goes under the ring.  Jannetty goes to the other side of the ring anticipating Doink’s exit. Instead Doink returns from the same side. Instead of being outsmarted Jannetty catches him with rights. A quick headlock gets a whip and they butt heads. Again Doink is on the outside.
He crawls under the ring again and pulls the switch with the second Doink. Doink #2 gets in the ring and achieves a near fall on Jannetty. He tries to slam Marty but gets countered with an inside cradle. Doink kicks out and rams Jannetty’s head into the turnbuckle. Another whip gets reversed, but Marty again sets too early and gets clobbered. Doink then gives him the piledriver and gets the fall and the victory.
Savage gets in the ring in order to expose the second Doink then nails him from behind in the corner. Savage then goes outside and pulls the first Doink out from under the ring. He throws him in the ring, and the referee reverses the decision! **1/2
Our next graphic takes us to July 5 and tells us that the USS Intrepid was built in August of 1943 for the US Navy during World War II.
Aaron Neville sings the Star Spangled Banner as Vince welcomes us to the Stars and Stripes Challenge. To win the challenger must slam Yokozuna. The winner of the challenge will receive a Chevrolet Silverado truck. WWF Champion Yokozuna heads to the ring with Mr. Fuji.
Our first challenger is Lee Rouson of the New York Giants. He grabs a leg but does not succeed. The next challenger is Bob Backlund. Will Skaaland throw in the towel again? It won’t be necessary as Backlund fails. Peter Taglianetti of the Pittsburgh Penguins tries and fails. Scott Burrell of the Charlotte Hornets doesn’t even give it a shot. Scott Steiner doesn’t fare well either.
Mr. Fuji takes a timeout so Yokozuna can eat some rice with chopsticks. Heenan lists him at 568 pounds today. Tatanka may be undefeated, but I don’t like his chances here. He comes off the ropes with chops then heads to the top rope and delivers a chop. He can’t slam him yet. He chops again. Unfortunately Yokozuna catches him coming off the ropes and gives him a crescent kick. He then comes off the ropes and drops the leg on him.
Our next challenger is Bill Fralic of the Detroit Lions. He actually gets Yokozuna halfway up but can’t slam him. Crush is next. He gets Yokozuna completely off his feet, but his back gives out. Randy Savage appears to be the final challenger. Yokozuna shoves him down. Savage can’t slam him though.
From out of nowhere a helicopter arrives and lands on the USS Intrepid. Who is this mystery challenger? Here comes…Lex Luger! He shoves Bobby Hennan aside. Narcissist who? The crowd chants “Lex!” Pettengill informs Luger that he’s too late because the contest is over. Luger then cuts a scathing xenophobic promo on Yokozuna. Mr. Fuji spits on Luger in disrespect. Luger then tosses him out of the ring!
Luger removes his American flag shirt and flexes to intimidate Yokozuna. They stand face-to-face staring at one another. Yokozuna then charges Luger but gets sidestepped and runs into the corner. Luger hits a steel forearm to the head knocking Yokozuna off-balance. He then slams Yokozuna! The crowd erupts! Luger raises his arms in celebration!
Our next graphic takes us to July 26 and informs us that Bam Bam Bigelow hailed from Asbury Park, NJ which is the inspiration for Bruce Springsteen’s 1973 album Greetings from Asbury Park.
Match 3: Bam Bam Bigelow (w/ Luna) versus Bret ‘Hitman” Hart
This is a rematch from King of the Ring. Stu and Helen Hart are in attendance. Vince and Bobby hype the upcoming match between Hart and Lawler at Summerslam. BBB and Hart tie-up, but immediately BBB attacks with an eye rake and punches sending Hart to the mat. He stomps and spits on Bret. He whips Hart into the ropes and shoulderblocks him. BBB whips him again but misses the double axehandle and then a punch. Bret fires back with rights and a running dropkick. BBB won’t go down so Bret comes off the ropes and clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor!
He goes out to give BBB more punches but Luna causes him to chase her. It appears that BBB will nail Hart from behind, but Bret turns around and punches him some more. BBB re-enters the ring but Bret goes to the top and comes off with a press. Bret lies on the mat holding his knee. Is he playing possum again? Possibly after the break we’ll find out!
We return from commercial and BBB and Luna share a kiss. I wonder if BBB had to get a shot after the show. Meanwhile Bret is on the outside laying on his back. BBB celebrates his supposed countout victory with a cartwheel. However, Bret rolls in and beats the count. BBB grabs him and delivers an excellent delayed belly-to-back suplex. He shoves Bret into the corner then whips him to the opposite corner. Bret lands back first.
BBB whips Bret off the ropes. Bret tries a cross-body but gets caught. BBB powerslams him down to the mat. It only gets a 2 count. Two atomic headbutts from BBB. He attempts a third, but Bret moves out of the way. Bret comes back with a pair of rights and a belly-to-back suplex. A right hand and standing dropkick put BBB down. He drops an elbow and gets a 2 count. Bret throws more rights, but BBB fires back and dropkicks him! He snapmares Bret then applies a rear chinlock. We take another break.
We return and BBB still holds onto the rear chinlock. The crowd chants: “Let’s go Bret!” He breaks the hold and rakes the eyes. He whips him but misses the dropkick. Bret peppers him with rights, whips him into the ropes, and gives him a back body drop. Aggressively Bret rakes BBB’s eyes along the top rope. He then gives him three headbutts to the back. Bret then executes a side Russian legsweep. From the second rope he delivers a clothesline.
He jumps on BBB’s back and hooks a sleeper. BBB counters by ramming Bret’s head into the top turnbuckle. He whips Bret but misses a clothesline. Bret bulldogs him. He tries to apply the Sharpshooter, but Jerry Lawler’s voice is overheard on the microphone. Subsequently Lawler is shown standing next to Stu and Helen Hart in the balcony. Stu asks Lawler: “Where were you when he (Bret) won King of the Ring?” Bret tries to leave the ring, but BBB rams his head into the railing. Lawler gets a good dig on the Harts by saying they’ve “had more tragedies than Shakespeare.” BBB then rams Bret’s back into the ring post. While Lawler badmouths Bret to his parents BBB just methodically works on Bret. He whips Bret to the corner. Bret hits sternum-first this time.
He picks Bret up and slams him as Lawler tells BBB to finish him off. BBB then gives Bret a senton off the ropes. He tries to come off the top rope but misses. Bret goes to the second rope, reconsiders, gives him some punches and then two running clotheslines. He drops another elbow and gets a 2 count.  He gives BBB the DDT. Bret then exits the ring to go after Lawler. BBB wins via countout. The cameras follow Lawler as he exits the balcony. Bret ensures Lawler has vanished then checks on his parents. **3/4
Our next graphic takes us to August 2 and informs us that Jim Cornette’s mother, Thelma, used to take him to see wrestling events at the Louisville Gardens.
To everyone’s surprise Jim Cornette comes to the ring. Heenan is overwhelmed with Cornette’s presence. He gets in the ring and gives Cornette a big hug. Astonishingly Bobby calls Cornette “the greatest manager in the sport of wrestling.”  He then asks why Jim Cornette is here and what is going on with Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Cornette then mentions his new tag team, the Heavenly Bodies – Dr. Tom Pritchard and “the Gigolo” Jimmy Del Ray. He then cuts a promo on the tag team champion Steiners.
Our next graphics tells us that Randy Savage only won the Intercontinental championship one time when he beat Tito Santana in 1986. I remember it as if it were yesterday.
Match 4: “Macho Man” Randy Savage versus Doink the Clown
“Pomp and Circumstance” plays “Macho Man’ Randy Savage to the ring. Doink is already in the ring. According to Vince Savage is dedicating this match to Crush who is convalescing in Kona, HI. Resembling Captain America by wearing the big white star on a blue background Savage jumps out of the ring to check for multiple Doinks.
They tie-up but Doink misses a punch due to Savage’s quickness. Randy armdrags Doink. Savage tries to work the arm but Doink bites his face. He gets severely upset, goes outside the ring, and grabs a chair. Unfortunately for Savage the referee grabs the chair so Doink takes advantage with punches, kicks, and chokes. He then clotheslines Savage and puts him in a Boston crab.
While maintaining the hold Doink inches closer to hold the ropes for more leverage. The referee catches Doink using the ropes and the hold is broken. Doink then puts Savage’s leg on the bottom rope and drops down on it. He continues to work on the leg until Savage rams Doink’s head into the top turnbuckle. Doink comes right back with a couple of forearms to the chest. He whips him but puts his head down too quickly and gets punted.
A cross-corner whip is reversed. Savage dodges the charge and Doink hits the ring post. He then gives him the running knee to the back sending Doink outside. He tries to post him but gets posted instead. We take a break.
We return and Savage is fighting out of a neckbreaker attempt. Notably Vince McMahon comments that Randy Savage is a future hall of famer. Nineteen years later this still has yet to occur. Doink works over Savage in the corner with heel tactics then gives him a standing dropkick. Doink gets on Savage’s back and applies a neck vice. Savage just stands up and dumps Doink in the corner to break.
However, Doink maintains control by running Savage’s shoulder into the opposite corner then gives him a belly-to-belly suplex. That gets a 2 count. He follows with an elbow off the ropes. After another near fall he applies the abdominal stretch. Savage breaks with a hiptoss. Blindly Savage throws a haymaker just missing the referee. This allows Doink to work over Savage in the corner some more.
He snapmares Savage then applies a rear chinlock. Randy elbows out and comes off the ropes. Unfortunately he gets slammed. Doink then heads to the top turnbuckle in order to deliver the Whoopie Cushion. At the last possible second Savage bails though. He celebrates too much and gets tossed over the top rope.
Savage tries to re-enter the ring but gets nailed with a right hand. He then goes under the ring. Amazingly a midget dressed exactly like Randy Savage emerges from under the ring. Even Doink has to laugh. Doink chases the mini-Macho Man until Savage re-emerges and hammers Doink. He slams him and throws him back in. Mini-Macho is on the apron and distracts Doink. This allows Savage to hook an inside cradle for the pin! Doink has been out-Doinked. Mini-Macho bites Doink’s ass. When he attempts to chase him Savage attacks him and throws him outside. He mounts the top turnbuckle but gets restrained. **1/2
Our next graphic takes us to August 16 and tells us that RAW girl Thelms Klarides was an attorney and was later elected to the Connecticut State House of Representatives in 1999. That puts her one up on Linda!
Match 5: “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase versus The 1-2-3 Kid
Before the match starts we get a clip from Superstars of the 1-2-3 Kid pinning DiBiase thus amusing Razor Ramon. The 1-2-3 Kid bides his time getting into the ring as the crowd chants “1-2-3.”  Unlike previous RAWs this match takes place in Poughkeepsie, NY.  The 1-2-3 Kid tries to enter the ring, but DiBiase pounces on him immediately. He works on him in the corner with kicks, a chop, and a couple of right hands. Subsequently DiBiase takes the Kid to another corner and rams his head into the top turnbuckle.
He continues the punishment with a choke on the top rope. He whips him and delivers a knee to the midsection. The Kid heads outside to recover. As the Kid re-enters the ring Razor Ramon is on the phone with Vince. He needs bail money, er, wait, that’s not it. Let’s move on. DiBiase whips the Kid off the ropes and gives him a back elbow. Razor touts the Kid’s talents as DiBiase suplexes the Kid. He whips the Kid again but misses the clothesline. Instead of bouncing off the ropes the Kid just exits the ring.
When he tries to re-enter DiBiase meets him with an elbow to the back. He goes back to work on The Kid in the corner. He gives him a cross-corner whip that makes the Kid bounce out of the corner. The Kid comes off the ropes. DiBiase drops down. The Kid then hits a cross-body and gets a near fall. He then dropkicks him twice. He then cross-corner whips DiBiase but eats an elbow off a blind charge. As the crowd chants “Razor” DiBiase goes back to work on the Kid in the corner.
He cross-corner whips The Kid but misses on a blind charge. The Kid mounts the top turnbuckle and flies with a high cross-body. It only gets a 2 count. He tries to go for a second one, but IRS runs out to ringside. IRS just tosses the Kid off the top for the DQ. IRS comes off the ropes and drops an elbow. Money, Inc. then put the boots to him. IRS holds back the Kid’s arms while DiBiase waffles him with punches. The Steiner Brothers hit the ring to break it up. They chase Money, Inc. out of the ring. *
Our next graphic takes us to September 13 and informs us that the Quebecers were three-time tag team champions while the Montreal Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup a record 24 times.
Vince is in the ring and introduces the newly crowned tag team champions the Quebecers with Johnny Polo. Johnny sports a Canadiens jersey and is ecstatic about the championship victory over the Steiners. Jacques Rougeau puts the Quebecers on the same plateau as the Toronto Blue Jays and the Montreal Canadiens. Vince asks about a rematch. The team huddles. Vince proposes a match between one of the Steiners against one of the Quebecers. Polo is very hesitant. The Steiners make their entrance. Polo accepts the challenge much to Jacques’ protests. If one of the Steiners beats one of the Quebecers next week then the Steiners will get a rematch under American rules instead of the province of Quebec rules. Polo volunteers Pierre.
Our next graphic takes us to October 4 and informs us that the Radio Flyer red wagon that Doink brought to ringside was made popular at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago.
Match 6: Doink the Clown versus Cory Student
Doink comes to the ring with the aforementioned wagon and a black plastic bag full of popcorn and cotton candy. He passes them out to the audience. Obviously this is after his face turn. Doink locates a bucket under the ring. He stalks the announce table. Both Vince and Bobby beg for Doink not to empty the bucket on them. He douses Heenan with…popcorn! Initially Bobby thinks it’s water and says “I’m freezing” then he notices what has happened. Vince makes fun of him for it.
Doink teases Heenan about it but kicks Student as he tries to grab him. He chops then whips Student off the ropes into a back body drop. He then chops and hiptosses Student out of the corner and follows with a standing dropkick. Next he gives Student a belly-to-belly suplex. He rides Student then rubs his face into the mat. A whip off the ropes segues into a powerslam by Doink. He mounts the top rope and nails Student with the Whoopie Cushion. That earns the pinfall.  Bam Bam Bigelow and Luna make their way to ringside. He tries to get into the ring to attack Doink but is restrained by an official. Instead he takes out his frustration on Doink’s little red wagon! DUD
Our next graphic takes us to October 11 and informs us that Rick Martel made his debut when he was 16. He filled in for an injured competitor.
Match 7 for the Intercontinental championship: “The Model” Rick Martel versus Razor Ramon
This match is a result of the last 2 men remaining in a 20 man battle royal to determine the top contenders. Supposedly Shawn Michaels was suspended for failing a drug test. The crowd chants “Razor!” He obliges them by tossing his toothpick at Martel. They shove each other to start then Martel slaps him. Martel grabs an armbar. Razor counters with an armbar and then a top wristlock. Martel answers with a hammerlock. Razor responds with one of his own.
Martel drop-toeholds Razor to the mat then paintbrushes him. He then celebrates with some jumping jacks. Another tie-up leads to another armbar by Martel. Razor shoves him into the corner. Martel ducks a punch and goes to work on Razor. Cross-corner whip is reversed but Martel leaps over Razor. He goes back to work on him. Martel whips him, gets reversed, but Razor misses the clothesline. Instead Ramon catches Martel’s cross-body attempt and gives him a fallaway slam. Martel heads for higher ground on the outside.
Upon Martel’s re-entering the ring they tie up but Martel knees him in the midsection twice. He then applies a front facelock. Razor tries to escape and lifts Martel up and onto the apron. The hold is broken. Martel misses a right hand, but Razor doesn’t. He slingshots Martel into the ring, drives his shoulder three times into Martel’s, and then grabs an armbar. Martel shoots him off into the corner but misses on the blind charge. We take a break.
We return and both men are outside the ring. Martel rams Razor’s back into the apron. He slams Razor and re-enters the ring. Razor comes back in but gets whipped to the corner three times. Martel then gives Razor a belly-to-back suplex. Martel grapevines both of Razor’s legs for a 2 count but the referee sees his feet on the ropes. He goes back to work on Razor’s back with clubbing forearms and stomps.
Razor comes off the ropes with a right hand then whips him into the ropes. He puts his head down too soon and gets punted. Martel then puts a knee in the back of Razor sending him first to the corner and then down to the mat. Martel then applies the Boston Crab. Razor makes it to the ropes. Martel whips him off the ropes and gives him a sidewalk slam.
He then gives him a second Boston crab in the middle of the ring. Razor powers out. While sitting on Martel’s shoulders Razor gets sunset-flipped for a 2 count. Martel then dropkicks him. He whips Razor off the ropes and tries to kick him. However, Razor catches the foot and slaps him. Martel misses and Razor catches him from behind and puts him on the top turnbuckle.
Sensing the Razor’s Edge Martel elbows Ramon to the canvas. He mounts the top turnbuckle and gets a flying bodypress. Ramon uses Martel’s momentum and rolls on top for another 2 count. Wow! I thought that was the finish. Martel clotheslines him and gets another 2 count. He whips Ramon off the ropes but gets caught with a kneelift. A kick to the gut sets up the Razor’s Edge. He hits it and wins the title! Razor puts the belt around his waist and asks us to “say hello to the new Intercontinental champion.” ***
Our next graphic takes us to October 18 and tells us that Randy Savage’s tongue was lacerated as a result of a vicious attack by Crush.
Bobby Heenan is in the ring and introduces Crush. He comes to ringside with Mr. Fuji as his new manager. Crush says Savage was his best friend. But when he (supposedly) surpassed Savage, Randy “couldn’t handle it.” Crush then mentions that he hurt his back trying to slam Yokozuna back on the Intrepid. Savage didn’t call him on the phone enough to wish him well. He says that Savage was sitting at ringside failing to support him when Yokozuna gave Crush four Banzai drops. Since he felt betrayed he sought advice from “Master” Fuji. He tells Savage to stay out of his way.
Savage leaves the announce table and enters the ring. He tells Crush that he’s making a mistake. He asks Crush for a chance to talk to him. He offers Crush a handshake. Bobby tries to advise Crush but gets shoved back. After a few moments of consideration he shakes Randy’s hand. Savage holds the ropes open for Crush to exit. Savage joins him to leave. Crush raises Savage’s arm…and clotheslines him! He punches and headbutts him. He then military presses Savage, walks back to ringside, and drops him face-first on the railing.
Here comes Jim Cornette with Yokozuna. Crush bows in respect to Yokozuna. He picks Savage up and rams him into the steel steps. He then rams him into the ring post. Crush picks up Savage, presses him again, and tosses him into the ring where Yokozuna is waiting for him. Crush follows and gives him a crescent kick to the head. He drags Savage to the corner and Yokozuna banzai drops him. Officials pull Savage out of the ring before Yokozuna can do it again.
Our next graphic takes us to November 8 and informs us that Crush later formed the Disciples of Apocalypse faction with Chainz, Skull, and 8-Ball.
Match 8: Crush (w/ Mr. Fuji) versus ???
During the introductions Savage is shown at ringside being soothed by Vince. He then has to physically restrain Savage from going after Crush. Maniacally Savage throws him down to get away. Savage attacks Crush in the entranceway then rams his head into the steel steps. Officials separate Savage from Crush temporarily until Savage breaks free to jump on Crush again. Upon being separated Crush goes after Savage back in the entranceway. No match is shown.
Our next graphic takes us to November 29 and informs us that Bret Hart wins as the most popular WWE Superstar ice cream bar in 1993. It was a layer of chocolate on the back with ice cream in the middle and a shortbread cookie on the front. Considering what we know about Bret’s penchant for women during his career I wonder how many of them put this in their mouth.
Vince stands in the ring next to a very large trophy. The WWF Superstar of the Year award will be honored. Bobby really wishes that he is the winner. Vince “breaks tradition” and introduces the runner-up…Lex Luger! Even in popularity contests Lex chokes. Lex thanks the fans for their votes. He then introduces the winner of the award—Bret “Hitman” Hart! Heenan claims shenanigans. Vince congratulates Bret. Not so surprisingly Bret thanks the fans for their support. He also promises to win back the World Wrestling Federation “belt.” He dedicates the trophy to his friends and family.
Our next graphic informs us that Kevin Nash (Diesel) was the starting center of the University of Tennessee in 1980 averaging 5.4 points and 4 rebounds.
Match 9: Diesel versus Intercontinental champion Razor Ramon
This is non-title. They lock up and Diesel shoves Razor down. Again they lock up and Razor gets shoved into the corner. A third lockup leads to an armbar by Razor. He segues into a top wristlock. With brute strength Diesel just throws him down then grabs a headlock. Razor shoots him off but gets shoulderblocked. As Diesel comes off the ropes Razor drop-toeholds him to the canvas and hooks the armbar again.
He turns it into a hammerlock but eats a back elbow from Diesel. Three forearms to the back have Diesel in control. He puts a knee into the back of Razor in the corner then chokes him on the middle rope. Diesel then jumps on his back Bossman-style. He drops two elbows on the back while Razor is down.
Diesel then gives Ramon a backbreaker, gets a 2 count, and then gives him a sidewalk slam. That gets another 2 count. He then applies a bear hug. Razor breaks the hold with 3 punches. He comes off the ropes, ducks a right hand, and eats boot. While channelling his inner Vinnie Vegas Diesel gives Razor Snake Eyes. In WCW that would get the pinfall. In contrast Ramon kicks out at 2 here. Diesel maintains control with another bear hug.
Razor tries to break with a couple of right hands, but an eyepoke works better for him. Diesel charges Ramon in the corner and eats boot. Ramon jumps to the second turnbuckle and bulldogs him! That barely gets a 2 count though. He throws two punches and then a discus punch. Ramon slams Diesel and motions for the Razor’s Edge.
Out of nowhere Shawn Michaels runs in the ring and attacks Razor! He nails Razor with a superkick. He exits the ring to grab the Intercontinental belt and brings it into the ring. He tries to piledrive Razor on the belt, but the 1-2-3 Kid leaps from the top rope and clotheslines Michaels. He kicks Michaels over the top rope to the floor! Ramon wins by DQ. **
Our next graphic takes us to December 6 and informs us that Shawn Michaels holds the record for eliminating the most competitors in the Royal Rumble match at 39.
Match 10: “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels versus The 1-2-3 Kid
While wearing the Intercontinental belt that he never lost Michaels makes his entrance to the ring. They lock up and Michaels backs the Kid into the corner and punches him. The Kid fights back and grabs a headlock. Shawn shoots him off but gets shoulderblocked. After a drop-down and a leapfrog Shawn tries to catch the Kid but misses. Instead the Kid attempts an atomic drop, but Michaels jumps out. The Kid uses a series of kicks to put Michaels down and out of the ring. The Kid jumps to the turnbuckle and dives with a plancha onto Shawn.
The Kid tries to suplex Michaels back in, but Michaels escapes again. He goes behind the Kid but the Kid switches and delivers a German suplex with a bridge to Michaels. It gets 2. He then grabs a headlock. Michaels tries to escape, but the Kid runs up the ropes and maintains the hold. He tries to walk the turnbuckle again and receives a belly-to-back suplex. Michaels then rams the Kid’s head into the top turnbuckle.
He whips the Kid into the opposite corner. The Kid leaps over Michaels as he charges. He runs to the opposite corner and leaps over him again. Michaels gets a flying headscissors and shoots the Kid out of the ring. He follows him out and tries to run him into the ring post. However, the Kid runs him into it instead. The Kid gets up on the apron and launches himself at Shawn. He gets caught with a powerslam. We take a break.
We return and Michaels gives him a backbreaker, doesn’t let go, and delivers a second backbreaker. It gets a 2 count. He cross-corner whips the Kid so hard on his back the Kid can’t maintain his feet. Michaels sets him up on the top turnbuckle and tries to superplex him. The Kid blocks it a couple times and fires back with punches. The third punch sends Michaels flying to the center of the ring.
The Kid attempts a cross-body but gets dropkicked on the way down. That results in another 2 count. Shawn gives the Kid another backbreaker and holds him down across his bent leg. The Kid breaks with fists and a kick. Michaels whips the Kid but misses. Instead the Kid gives him a leg lariat. Michaels whips the Kid again and they shoulderblock one another.
Both men are down on the mat. Slowly they get to their feet. Michaels tries a roundhouse but gets blocked. The Kid fires back with punches then kicks Michaels in the corner. He cross-corner whips Michaels and kicks him in the opposite corner. Michaels lands face-first in the middle of the ring. The Kid mounts the top turnbuckle and dives off with a high cross-body. That gets a very near fall. He slams Shawn and mounts the top turnbuckle again. He tries what looks like the Nestea plunge but misses. We take a break.
We return and Michaels superkicks the Kid. If this was 1995 the match would be over. Instead Shawn mimics Razor Ramon and gives the Kid the Razor’s Edge! However, in lieu of pinning the Kid Shawn picks him up at 2. He then gives him a second Razor’s Edge. Razor Ramon comes to ringside. He tries to give the Kid a third Edge, but Razor pulls the Kid out of the ring. Shawn exits the ring to confront Razor and slaps him.
Razor chases Michaels to the entryway. When Razor tries to grab Shawn going through the curtain Diesel nails Ramon! Michaels punches Ramon and tears his shirt off. He chokes Razor with the shirt then gives him the Razor’s Edge on the floor! Michaels briefly goes backstage and returns with his Intercontinental belt. He chastises Ramon with it. He picks him up again and gives him a second Razor’s Edge on the floor! If this match had a finish it would be have great! ***1/2
Our next graphic informs us that Gorilla Monsoon took second place at the 1959 NCAA Wrestling Championships. Additionally in 1988 John Madden named Bobby Heenan to his All-Madden team as Team Manager.
Gorilla Monsoon comes to ringside. He approaches the announce table and tells Bobby that he has good news and bad news. The good news is that he has won a free trip. The bad news is that it’s out of here! He grabs Heenan by the collar and escorts him to the back. Bobby is pleading with him. He tosses Heenan’s luggage out the door then Heenan right afterwards. “Get out and stay out!” states Monsoon. Heenan’s stuff is strewn all over the place. Gorilla yells “You’re history!” Bobby raps on the door of an adjacent bus and asks if it’s going to LaGuardia.  This would be Bobby Heenan’s last appearance on Monday Night RAW.
Our next graphic takes us to December 20 and informs us that Sparky Plugg wore a black arm band with #51 in honor of Neil Bonnett. Neil died in a car crash in Daytona, FL.
We see a vignette of “Sparky” Thurmann Plugg at the race track.
Our next graphic tells us that Jeff Jarrett made his in-ring debut at the age of 18 in April of 1986. The match went to a 10 minute draw.
Match 11: “Double J” Jeff Jarrett versus PJ Walker
Holy schnikes! Not only didn’t I think they’d include Jarrett on this compilation but I also didn’t think I’d see an early appearance of Aldo Montoya/Justin Credible! Shawn Michaels is on commentary here. As Shawn praises Jarrett’s musical talents Vince asks him what he knows about country and western music. Shawn states: “I’m from Texas.”
They lock up and Jarrett grabs a headlock. Walker shoots him off but misses a right hand. Seeing what would happen to him Jarrett puts on the brakes and struts. Another lockup leads to a Jarrett headlock. He quickly segues into a hammerlock but grabs the head and takes him down. Walker shoots him off again but gets shoulderblocked. Jarrett comes off the ropes, leaps over Walker, but gets hiptossed.
Walker gives him an armdrag. A second armdrag attempt fails. Walker turns his back and Jarrett nails him from behind. He stomps him five times to maintain control. He whips him to the ropes and dropkicks him. Jarrett whips him again and clotheslines him down. He works Walker over with punches and rams his head into the top turnbuckle. He kicks him a couple of times then suplexes him in the center of the ring.
Jarrett slams him and mounts the second turnbuckle. He misses the fistdrop however. Walker whips him into the ropes and gets punted. Jarrett comes off the ropes again and delivers the DDT to Walker. It gets the pinfall. DUD
Overall I will give credit where it is due. The first year of Monday Night RAW definitely had some historic and impactful moments. In spite of all the matches involving Doink (whom I cannot discredit) the Yokozuna challenge, the Intercontinental title win for Razor Ramon, the Crush heel turn, the Clique feuding with one another, and Bobby’s Heenan’s farewell to Monday Night RAW definitely entertained me. If you have never seen any of these matches I’m certain you will enjoy them as well.

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