Greatest comedy characters in wrestling history?

With so many attempts at comedy week after week from the WWE (and a lot of them failing), the one constant performer who hits the mark most of the time is Santino Marella, who for my money, has been the funniest guy they've had since The Rock in his prime. From his tea party for Sheamus ("Let's see, we have green tea, we have ginger tea–oh.") to getting laughs even when encountering Kane ("Where's Punk?!" "Did you try the Pepsi machine?"), Santino seems to get the job done every time. So I was wondering about who Scott Keith had in his pantheon of comedy-act wrestlers, as well as the Commenters of Doom.

First up, if you're reading this, I've managed to figure out a fix to the e-mail posting situation, so HUZZAH!
Second, I laughed heartily at Billy Gunn's entire career, so that might count.  If not, Mick Foley used to hit it out of the park when called upon to be the comedy guy, especially the classic stuff with E&C.  He had the timing down and he was a likeable enough guy that people would laugh with him as opposed to at him.  Big Show also has really good comic timing, even if the material hasn't always been the best.  Kurt Angle, of course.  Honky Tonk Man made a career out of comedy matches, although he was never really part of the era that did comedy outside of the ring.