Greatest Non-Wrestling Segment

Ratings show that the most popular non-wrestling segment in WWE history was Rock: This Is Your Life, but my personal favorite was The Alliance singing Wind Beneath My Ring to Stone Cold and Kurt Angle spoiling their fun with the old time-y Milk Truck.  What do you consider the greatest non-wrestling segment in WWE to be?

You know that angle was just a ripoff of the beer truck angle from three years earlier, right?  To each their own. My personal favorite is the reunion of Bret with Owen and Bulldog from 1997, where they took the standard heel team breaking up angle and completely turned it on its ear by having the heels pull together in a heartfelt moment that actually turned them into even BIGGER heels.  I loved the nuance of Bret’s disgust at the fans booing him while he was trying to have a real moment with his brothers, which was made all the better because that was exactly the reaction Bret was looking for.  People wanted to the Owen-Bulldog team implode for the Bulldog face turn, and instead the Hart Foundation screwed them out of it.  It was just awesome.