Wrestling Figure Plug

Hi Scott, I’m about to move in with my girlfriend and she’s giving me the old ‘justify being nearly 30 and having 300 wrestling figures on display’ nag. Hence this blog: http://oldwrestlingfigures.com/ Any chance of a link? Might buy the guys on the shelves some time… Cheers mate, Michael

Hey, my wife doesn’t mind that I collect UFC figures.  In fact my daughter stages battles between Randy Couture and Kimbo Slice all the time.  Kimbo usually loses and then shows up on Sesame Street looking to pick a fight with Elmo.  It’s been kind of a downhill slide for him, I’m not gonna lie.  Also, it’s weird for me to see people getting nostalgic about the 90s Hasbro figures, because I had no experience with those.  It’s the giant molded rubber LJN figures that were my childhood experience, and they were MUCH more challenging to do any kind of useful finishers with.