Seth Clarifies

On the subject of Hogan at Summerslam 2002 and whether Edge was rumored to win the RAW chamber as a surprise at Survivor Series, I shot a quick Tweet to Seth Mates and here’s what he said:

We first got word the Vince wanted to the put titles on Shawn and Big Show at Survivor Series while on tour in Europe, which was late October. The only alternative for HBK I heard about was RVD, which was pitched hard. Big Show was still a punchline then, so we pitched a million scenarios, Edge & Benoit among them. It was originally supposed to be Brock beating Hogan, but Hogan said that he wanted the title and Vince told him off.  Also – no idea what the plan for Austin would have been for Summerslam, but he’d been programmed with Guerrero & Benoit at the time and wanted to work with them. 

I did some translation from Twitter to English there, by the way.  Thanks, Seth, you rule as always!