RAW 1000 Q’s

God dammit Google, get your f------ e-mail-to-Blogger gateway fixed!  I’ve got e-mail questions piling up and it takes me way longer to sift through them when I can’t just forward it to the blog and answer off the top of my head.  OK, got that out of my system.

Hey Scott, curious about your thoughts on a few WWE topics.
1)Punks long term plans?  As much as I like Punk (especially heel Punk), it seems that he never has really moved the needle in terms of PPV buys or ratings.  Do you think it’s due to an issue with Punk, or that NOBODY besides Cena or an Austin Rock full time return is gonna increase business.  As hot as he was last summer, I can’t help but feel either WWE or Punk himself dropped the ball on turning him into a bigger draw then what he is.

2)Do you agree with the idea of the reported Rock/Cena for title and Brock/UT headlining 29?  I know it’s a long time away but I hate this idea.  If this was the plan why not have Lesnar run through Cena, HHH, Punk, and go 3-0 on the way to UT?  Can you imagine the buzz for this.  Does WWE really hate money and buyrates that much?
Not to mention the thought of Rock Cena II making me barf.  Why not throw a ton of money at Shawn where he can’t say no to a Rock HBK or something of the sort.  ANYTHING besides Rock/Cena again.  Writing about this makes me realize how crappy WWE is at this point.

  1.  Nobody increases business in a vacuum now.  It’s a totally different world than it used to be, and it’s only the WWE name itself or special occasions like Wrestlemania or SummerFest that moves numbers to any significant degree.  That being said, Punk’s made as a top guy now, so eventually people will just think of him as a top guy no matter what and he can do like everyone else and leave for a bit before returning to a big pop and ratings number.  2.  I’m fine with them having SOME kind of long-term plan, yes.  Rock-Cena is of course the Once In A Lifetime…Again rematch, but maybe that will finally put Cena over the top and make him into the main eventer and breakout star that we’ve all been waiting for.  Brock v. Undertaker could be a MONSTER match if UT wants to do the crazy MMA style fight that Cena did with Brock, so I’ve got no beef with that, although yeah, Brock really should start plowing through main eventer guys hardcore to set that up.  But he won’t, so whatever.