Why does HHH need to win?

Considering he isn't really a wrestler anymore, why are you so sure HHH will politic his way into a victory on SS? I always assumed, back when he was an active wrestler, that HHH kept himself dominant because of the whole "can't lose my spot thing". But at this point, if anyone has a secure spot it's him. Why does he care whether he wins or loses?

Exactly.  Why DOES he care whether he wins or loses?  The answer is "F--- if I know," but clearly he does because he made sure to put himself over CM Punk last year.  He could be out there doing jobs every night if he wanted to and making guys into stars, but he chooses not to, and it's kind of baffling.  Well, not really, but baffling based on regular person logic.  Considering the bromance he has with Sheamus, you'd think at the very LEAST he'd go out and lay down for the brogue kick if he wants to be a part-timer, but no, he won that one too.  
I dunno, people would defend him saying "Well, he loses at Wrestlemania a lot" and yada yada, but really, the dude is going to be the OWNER OF THE COMPANY in a few years, so he SHOULD be losing!  The important thing should be making money for "THIS BUSINESS" which he loves so much, so why worry about jobbing the tag titles when he was with DX or losing to Sheamus at Wrestlemania or whatever?