Fwd: old school wrestling tv shows

Hey Scott,
After reading about the crap of the pre-raw WWF tv tapings, what aspects would you bring back from the 1980s/early 1990s WWF/NWA TV shows? I always liked the weekly interview segments like the Brother Love Show and the pre-match promos that were in the corner of the TV because you can explain reasons for a feud in a few minutes not twenty. I also liked that the big stars especially Hulk Hogan were not wrestling on TV every week which made it very special when they did wrestle.

I have always considered NWA's weekly TBS show to be the perfect template of exactly what I want in a TV show.  Recap of a big angle to start, promo, squash, promo, squash, promo, Midnight Express, promo, hype upcoming big show, done.  Memphis was also much the same.  Early Monday Night RAW was probably #2.  I'd like to see more off-the-cuff promos, where someone wins a big match and then just talks themselves up or calls someone out.  Kind of like what UFC fighters do now, hmm?