Summerslam 2002

Hi Scott,
Wrestlemania X-7 and Great American Bash '89 tend to dominate the talks of greatest wrestling ppv ever, but with your recent bumping of the HHH/HBK Street Fight to *****, I wanted to raise Summerslam 2002 as another candidate.
The aforementioned match received the full monty, you've upgraded Rock/Brock to ****, RVD/Benoit falls just shy of 4* at ***3/4, Rey/Angle was a fun opener given *** by you (which I politely disagree and think it needs like a 1/2* more), and the other matches are completely serviceable. So wrestling wise, seems to be a really good show.
Historically, we've got Brock's rise to the top of pro wrestling (which leads to his success as a UFC draw), the end of The Rock's last WWE championship reign; Rey's ppv debut; and Shawn Michaels' return after a 4 year layoff, launching a comeback that skyrocketed past everyone's expectations.
I find the pace is of the show is good, nothing drags, and the Long Island crowd (almost unbelievably) is on fire.
Care to share your thoughts?

Quality-wise it was pretty damn good, yeah.  However, the main problem I have is that I don't remember ANY of it, outside of the street fight.  It just wasn't a good period for the promotion, to say the least, and the show fell during a time when interest was low and thus I don't think it's a candidate for best ever.  Two great main events?  Sure.  Greatest PPV ever?  Not even close.