You da man, been reading you forever, all that good stuff.
1. What do you see for Ryback in these next upcoming months? They didn't even let him squash Jack Swagger, as if they need to protect that doofus's heat.

I see Ryback continuing to squash jobbers and low-level curtain jerkers.  Perhaps he'll get new airbrushed tights somewhere in there too.  

2. How can the WWE save Lesnar's run? Obviously he is still going to be over huge regardless of if he loses all four/five matches he is going to do in his run, but they flushed a lot of money down the toilet by not giving him the monster "path of destruction" push. Ahh, WWE egos.

I think WWE and the fanbase are just on different planets as far as what each side expects from the Lesnar return.  I honestly think WWE just wants to use him to put their own guys over in short-term programs and maybe pop a number against Undertaker at Wrestlemania, and that'll be that.  I still find it hilarious that Christopher Nolan figured out how to book a monster heel much better than WWE can these days, because I was sure as hell hoping Batman was going to kick the shit out of Bane by the end of that movie.  

3. What happens to Heath Slater after Raw 1000? I think he is hilarious, and he plays his character perfectly. The crowd loves to boo him, and you can tell Cole and Lawler love his segments where he gets his ass beat. They're laughing the entire time on commentary.

He becomes the opposite of Randy Orton?  He loses all the time and then gets fired for passing a drug test?  

4. What is your favorite food?

Vince's pain every time Linda loses an election.