More Vince McMahon non-sense for ya!

Hey Scott!!!
Long time reader. Third time that I write to you. I was reading an article you posted on the blog where Vince McMahon brought the funny! Well he kept it coming, just make sure to read this article. Sometimes I wonder how a man in such denial of the performance of his own business can be such a millionaire. Well that's how life works sometimes…

Take care and keep the good work up!

Funny how Vince is STILL claiming 1.3 million buys for Wrestlemania.  It did 1.1 million, which is absolutely impressive but far from the biggest of all time, and further it's kind of ridiculous to just add 200,000 buys (or $10,000,000 gross revenue give or take) simply because that happened to be the number they invented the week after the show.  Like, people have actual money invested in their company, they can't just do interviews where they make up numbers and hope no one calls them on it.  At least I'd assume not.