The future of wwe home video

Hi Scott
I wanted to get your opinion on the future of WWE home video releases.  I'm amassed a fairly large collection of wrestling footage over the years and I was wondering what's going to happen to it with all the talk nowadays of streaming/digital video and such.  How much longer will my DVDs be good for?   How would I be able to convert my collection to streaming/digital if it comes to that?  Will WWE offer a service to do that or am I SOL and have to find a way on my own?  Will WWE continue to do home video releases if we move to digital?  How would they be delivered to us? 
I don't know if you have the answers to this question, but considering your contacts in WWE, it's worth a try, I figure.

Uh, I assure you that if WWE had any interest in no longer making money from DVD sales, they would have switched to digital delivery many many many many many many years ago.  Collectors and obsessive wrestling nerds will ALWAYS want something for their shelves and unless the entire industry does a major shift that seems unlikely, there will always be DVD or Blu-Ray or some other physical media to buy.