Smackdown – July 20, 2012


July 19, 2012

Valley View Casino Center, San Diego, California

Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Booker T

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

just after MITB and the only major change is that Ziggler is the MITB
case holder for this show. Other than that we’re just in a holding
pattern tonight as everything is likely to be shoved forward on
Monday at the 1000th Raw. I’d be surprised if we found out anything
about Summerslam tonight but it’s possible. Let’s get to it.

you know your enemy? Mine is currently Pandora charm bracelets.

the freshly returned Rey Mysterio to open things up. We’re in his
hometown tonight so you know the pop is big. We get a quick recap of
Alberto injuring him in this arena a year ago but now he’s back here
with his family. He couldn’t wait for tonight to get back which is
why he was there on Raw, and Alberto being there just made the whole
thing sweeter.

Alberto who calls Rey a chihuahua and says that Rey is back, only to
get hurt again. Alberto says that he could hurt Rey all over again
but instead he’ll just let Rey leave. Rey says no way so Alberto
says whatever and starts talking about Sheamus. Rey says that at
MITB, Sheamus beat up Del Rio. Del Rio says that he’ll be the next
world champion, and here’s Ziggler.

talks about winning the case and about how he was going to cash in on
Sunday which would make him the World Heavyweight Champion right now.
Del Rio says that he’s loco and challenges Dolph for a fight right
now, along with his burra (female donkey) Vickie. Rey says get it on
right now but Dolph suggests he and Del Rio team up against Rey. Cue
Sheamus and I think I know where this is going. Sheamus says that if
Ziggler takes another step towards Rey, the briefcase is going up his
trunk and he’ll drive Dolph into the Pacific Ocean. Del Rio runs so
Ziggler gets an ax handle to the face and almost a 619.

a break the tag match is announced. If you don’t know what I mean,
go read something else.

Time Players/Hunico/Camacho vs. Primo/Epico/Kofi Kingston/R-Truth

and Epico get things going with things moving very quickly. Hunico
slams him face first into the mat but is quickly pulled down into an
armbar. Off to Primo for a dropkick and more armbaring, this time on
Camacho. A blind tag brings in Truth for some gyrations and a
spinning legdrop. Everything breaks down and we take a break. Back
with Kofi getting tagged in to beat on Camacho. The Boom Drop hits
but Hunico breaks up Trouble in Paradise, allowing Camacho to hit a
spinebuster on the flippy Jamaican.

to Hunico with a slingshot hilo for two. Titus comes in and slams
Kofi down for two before hooking an abdominal stretch. Young comes
in but Kofi takes him down with a shot to the face. Hot tag brings
in Primo who cleans house. A spinning flip dive off the top takes
down Darren and everything breaks down. Titus knocks Primo off the
top into the gutbuster from Young for the pin at 6:50 shown of 10:20.

C. This was fine when you
consider how many people were in it. The tag division is actually
growing a bit here with four teams to fight each other which is a
nice change of pace. Also it’s nice to see at least some of them on
TV almost every week. This wasn’t a great match or anything but at
least it’s better than nothing.
Show comes out post match and cleans house on everyone but the
Players. He leaves them all laying with punches and chokeslams
before asking for a mic. He says “and what” and leaves.
Piven was on Raw once.
get a LONG recap of Cena’s path to MITB and his promo on Monday,
announcing that he’s cashing in at Raw 1000.
be a bully.
Sandow vs. Zach Ryder
yells during Ryder’s entrance about how stupid it is so Ryder charges
into the ring and it’s on. Ryder pounds him down but Sandow gets in
a shot to the head and takes over. Sandow puts Ryder on the apron to
drop an elbow as the fans cheer for Zach. Back in and Sandow fires
in knees to the ribs, followed by the double arm neckbreaker for the
pin at 1:25. Basically a squash.

for the Peep Show with Bryan and AJ as the guests. Christian talks
about the situation and we get a clip of the proposal from Monday.
Here are AJ and Bryan with AJ now in a Bryan top. There’s a ring now
on her finger now too. Christian asks about the wedding planning and
we get a video of the pair going to various places set to classical
music. I miss little videos like this one. Christian asks if Bryan
is serious and if AJ has forgiven Bryan for what he did, both of
which receive a yes answer.

asks the fans if they think this is true love or if AJ knows what
she’s doing. The fans say no, so Christian asks AJ if she knows what
she’s doing. That earns Christian a slap and the marriage
participants go to leave, but Christian says hang on a sec.
Apparently Bryan has a match tonight and it’s with AJ’s psycho

Bryan vs. Kane

start the match after a break so that the set can be cleared out.
Bryan fires off some YES kicks but Kane knees him in the ribs to
break that up. Kane kicks him down for two and puts on a
bodyscissors. A backbreaker hits Bryan and Kane bends Bryan’s spine
over the knee. Bryan finally gets up and does the backflip out of
the corner before taking out Kane’s knee. Here are more kicks but
Kane grabs him by the throat.

is broken up and there’s a BIG kick to the head for two. Bryan goes
up but jumps into an uppercut for two. Side slam gets two for Kane
and the big man goes up, only to jump into a YES Lock attempt. Kane
escapes and they head to the floor with Kane accidentally knocking AJ
over. Kane goes off on Bryan and sends him into the announce table.
Back inside and Kane loads up the chokeslam but AJ jumps on him,
drawing the DQ at 5:13.

C+. I was getting into this one
by the end. The ending is annoying but there’s no need to have Bryan
get a win before the wedding as that is likely going to end in chaos.
These two have some chemistry together and it was here again, which
is always a nice thing to see. AJ still being psycho is a good thing
too as it’ll play into the wedding on Monday.

stays on Kane’s back and rips at his face. Bryan charges at Kane but
gets chokeslammed with AJ still on Kane’s back. AJ gets down in
Kane’s face like she’s about to kiss him and gives him the freaky
look. Kane looks confused and Bryan pulls AJ out to the floor.
Bryan and AJ kiss on the stage.

Slater again and he has a new legend to face, which is the first time
he’s done that on Smackdown. We get a quick video about Heath’s
experiences against legends.

Slater vs. Animal

of the Road Warriors. Animal looks OLD. He isn’t fat but he has no
muscle definition at all. The match runs 45 seconds and Animal wins
with a powerslam and elbow drop.

and Vickie are arguing in the back and Vickie screams a lot.

run down the stuff for Raw 1000.

Del Rio/Dolph Ziggler vs. Rey Mysterio/Sheamus

Dolph’s entrance we get a clip from Monday with the Codebreaker to
Ziggler. Ziggler and Sheamus start things off and the champ runs him
over with a shoulder block. Ziggler goes after Sheamus’ arm which I
guess is still injured. Sheamus picks him up and hits a quick Regal
Roll for two. The fans want Rey and here he is, hitting a slingshot
legdrop for two. Rey is in a t-shirt here which is a different look
for him.

takes Rey’s head off with a clothesline for two and it’s off to Del
Rio. Rey rolls away from Alberto and tags in Sheamus, sending Del
Rio to the floor in fear. Ziggler gets caught in the ropes with the
ten forearms and is sent to the floor. Sheamus goes out after him
but gets dropkicked coming back in as we take a break. Back with
Ziggler getting thrown off Sheamus and there’s the tag to Mysterio.

kicks Dolph in the face for two and it’s 619 time. Del Rio kicks
Mysterio in the back to break that up though and comes in with a
chinlock. Back to Ziggler for some rope choking and an armbar.
Alberto comes back in and works on the arm again but allows Rey to
get close to a tag. That doesn’t connect though and Rey gets sent
into the corner. Rey backdrops Del Rio to the floor but Ziggler
comes in and breaks up the tag to Sheamus.

picks up Rey but gets caught in a spinning DDT to put both guys down.
There’s the hot tag to Sheamus and Del Rio comes in again. Sheamus
cleans house on everyone, including sending Del Rio into Ziggler,
knocking Ziggler into the announce table. White Noise takes down Del
Rio but Ricardo breaks up the Brogue Kick for the DQ at 9:46 shown of

C-. Not much to see here,
especially with an ending like that. That’s not much of a return to
the ring for Rey as he never even got a hot tag. The ending was
stupid too as it’s the second DQ ending in a big match we’ve had
tonight. The match wasn’t even that good either as it was a slow
paced version of the main event tag. Not horrible though.
Rio puts the Armbreaker on Sheamus again before leaving. Ziggler
looks like he’s going to cash in but Rey breaks it up. Sheamus kicks
Ziggler’s head off to end the show.
D. And that’s being
VERY generous. There was nothing tonight that means anything as
Rey’s return was pretty much wasted and it looks like we’re getting
more Del Rio vs. Sheamus. That would be fine if it was set up by
something different. Instead, Del Rio is going after Sheamus’ arm
AGAIN, because that’s how this feud is set up I guess. This show was
worthless, but Monday should have a few things on it. Bad show this
week and one of the worst in a long time.


Time Players/Hunico/Camacho b. Kofi Kingston/R-Truth/Primo/Epico –
Gutbuster to Primo

Sandow b. Zach Ryder – Double Arm Neckbreaker

b. Daniel Bryan via DQ when AJ interfered

b. Heath Slater – Elbow Drop

Mysterio b. Alberto Del Rio/Dolph Ziggler via DQ when Ricardo
Rodriguez interfered

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