Dark Knight Rises

I normally prefer to review books and movies from years or even decades in the past, but no one I know has seen The Dark Knight Rises yet, so I had to discuss it somehow:

Warning: while there are no specific spoilers, it's nonetheless spoiler-ish.


The movie seems to be polarizing the internet nerds.  I fell on the side of wanting to yell "PLAY IT AGAIN!" at the screen when it was over, but others seem to disagree.  
I will say, however, that clearly what should have happened is that Batman beats Bane the first time they meet and then spends the rest of the movie making jokes, while Bane has his balding Jewish manager make legal threats at Commissioner Gordon instead of doing anything.  Because, like, who knows if Bane would have bailed in the middle of the movie?  Plus then they used him to let everyone know that Batman is the biggest star!  They'd make BILLIONS!