Best raw opening and matches

Long time fan of course. This might make for interesting blog fodder this weekend before the 1,000th show, some dude ranked the top raw openings of all time, he included way too many versions of the same song which makes it a long list but really cool to look back on:
Also, off the top of your head and in the spirit of nostalgia…Would you attempt to do a TOP 5 Raw matches of all time?
Thanks for making my days at work go by quicker with your blog.

Off the top of my head?

1.  Bulldog v. Owen, March 97.
2.  Benoit/Jericho v. Austin/HHH, May 2001.
3.  HHH v. Shawn, December 2003
4.  Benoit v. Michaels, May (?) 2004.  The Phoenix match.
5.  The 10 man.  You know the one.