Stopwatch Measures

The letter you printed about a "shut your mouth match" reminded me of an idea I had back in the WCW Nitro days. At the time, there was a rash of seemingly endless monologues. Just a guy standing in the ring with a microphone, brutally wearing down the audience — Ultimate Warrior type stuff.
Meanwhile, Goldberg was floundering. His character needed a rework. That's when I realized WCW could kill two birds with one stone. The next time Vincent was liveblogging about what he had for lunch that day, a stopwatch would appear on the big screen, slowly ticking down. Then, when a full minute is up, Goldberg runs out and DESTROYS him.
Goldberg would pick up the microphone and make a simple announcement: He joined to wrestle, not to hear people talk. From now on, people had one minute. No more, no less.
Fan favorites could walk out to calmly reason with him. Hey listen old buddy — Bing! Minute's up, spear/jackhammer. Weasels could hire bodyguards to try and push it as far as they can go. Bing! Spear/jackhammer.
Has anyone ever done this story? Would it have gone over?
– Zeus

Well, there was a similar idea in 2002 with Three Minute Warning, but I've never seen an actual stopwatch like that before.  That is a pretty f------ cool idea, though.  Maybe with Ryback?