NXT – July 18, 2012


July 18, 2012

Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida

William Regal, Byron Saxton

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

week four or five here and things are seeming to change on this show,
which is fine but it also would have been fine if nothing had changed
at all. I believe this is the beginning of the second set of tapings
so things are likely going to change a bit more here. I don’t
remember any announced matches for this so it’ll be a surprise.
Let’s get to it.

I said I don’t know any of the matches but WWE has promised me a
great main event tonight.


main event is Slater vs. Gabriel. I forgot about that one.

Snuka vs. Kaitlyn

is called the girl next door. I’ve never had a neighbor that looks
like her. Tamina tries her power stuff but results in a chop to take
Kaitlyn down instead. Kaitlyn leg whips her down and things slow
down again. Tamina is screw this wrestling stuff and chops her right
back down again. Now it’s a flying chop to mix things up. Kaitlyn
hooks a kind of abdominal stretch in the ropes to take over.

gets two for Kaitlyn and she hooks a bodyscissors on the mat. Tamina
gets up and hits a spinning hair grab to slam Kaitlyn into the mat.
Wouldn’t that hurt Tamina too? Tamina tries the splash but Kaitlyn
grabs her leg. A Russian legsweep puts Tamina down and Kaitlyn hooks
an arm hold while using her legs to hold down Tamina’s head. Tamina
is like SAMOA POWER and uses a Samoan Drop to escape. Superfly
Splash gets the pin at 5:20.

D+. I know that the complaint
about the Divas that I usually have is that the matches are too
short, but then we have matches like these where I don’t care at all
no matter what they do. I have no idea who I was supposed to cheer
for here or why I’m supposed to be interested in them. This was five
minutes of moves with some flow to it but nothing of note. Also,
that splash is on the verge of losing the name Superfly Splash
because it’s barely the same move.

moment is Jericho debuting in 99.

E. Langston, a very muscular black guy is coming. He has more
personality in his calf than Ezekiel Jackson has in his whole body
from what I can tell.

Mahal vs. Percy Watson

grabs a headlock to start as Regal tells stories of facing Mahal’s
uncles over 25 years ago. I’d love to just hear Regal tell old
wrestling stories. Watson comes back with a suplex but Mahal fires
in the knees out of the cravate to take over again. A knee drop gets
two for Mahal. Apparently Watson and Cena are friends. Ok then.

points out how the hand grips that Mahal has in this chinlock make
the hold more painful. Now that’s some good analysis. Watson comes
back with his jumping attacks and the Heisman Splash for two. Percy
takes too much time though and walks into a jumping knee and the
camel clutch gets the tap at 4:22.

D+. They’ve wanted to push
Mahal for awhile here so I guess this works as well as anything else.
NXT is a good place for him but Mahal needs more promo time. We
really don’t know anything about Mahal though other than the Khali
stuff from a few years ago. Still though, the idea of having a heel
like that here is fine for a show like this. The match was dull

Steamboat vs. Leo Kruger

takes him into the corner with chops to start but you can’t chop a
Steamboat and gets away with it. Richie rips some skin off Kruger’s
chest and a monkey flip sends Kruger flying. Steamboat chargers into
the corner but Kruger uses a move I’ve never seen before. He grabs a
rollup but uses it to ram Steamboat’s head into the bottom buckle to
take over.

grabs a small package for two but Kruger puts him right back down
with ease. Steamboat gets in a clothesline and some forearms to send
Kruger to the floor. We get a chase but as they head back in,
Steamboat hits a cross body but Kruger rolls through and puts his
feet on the ropes for the pin at 4:30.

C+. This is what we’ve been
building to on NXT for awhile. Not this match in particular, but
putting these guys that we’ve built up together and seeing who comes
out on top. That’s how you start a new promotion or a brand in this
case, and it works very well when it’s done right. They’re doing
that here on NXT and it’s working well.

Diaz promo, I believe the same from last week.

Diaz vs. Paige

comes off like something resembling Lady Gaga. She’s on a wireless
mic and says she wants to give this show a makeover and sounds like a
chick imitating Cher from Clueless. Her parents are Eddie and Vickie
Guerrero so the genes are there. Diaz takes her to the mat and rams
Paige’s face into the mat. Paige comes back with a kind of superkick
but Diaz will have none of that, and hits the Gory Bomb for the pin
at 1:49. That’s the kind of debuting squash you need.

Riley is looking for catering and runs into Aksana. Nothing of note
happens here but Antonio Cesaro pops up. Aksana says Riley was
hitting on her, which Cesaro says is so American. Cesaro wants a
match next week, which Riley says is very European of him.

Slater vs. Justin Gabriel

is on commentary here as usual for the main event. Gabriel armdrags
him down and hooks an armbar for early control. Slater fights up and
gets taken down by the exact same sequence again. Gabriel tries to
go up but Slater shoves him to the floor as we take a break. Back
with Slater holding a chinlock for a few moments followed by a
neckbreaker for two. A hard Irish whip into the corner gets two.
Back to the chinlock as the fans chant that they want Frostees.

sends him to the apron and catches Gabriel with a knee coming back
in. A middle rope neckbreaker gets two as Slater is staying on the
neck which was hurt when Gabriel fell to the floor earlier. Gabriel
fires off some kicks and a sitout powerbomb gets two. Slater comes
back with a good looking spinebuster for two. They trade some
counters resulting in Slater hitting a reverse suplex for two.

neckbreaker out of the corner gets two for Slater and he loads up a
belly to back superplex. Gabriel knocks him off and tries AJ Styles’
backflip into a reverse DDT, but he doesn’t hit it quite right as it
looks like he lands in an over the shoulder gutbuster. Not that it
matters though as Gabriel hits the reverse DDT for the pin at 8:50
shown of 12:20.

B-. This is exactly what people
like Gabriel and Slater need. They’re not going to get this kind of
TV time on Raw or Smackdown anytime soon, but here on NXT they can go
and have a 10-12 minute match and get the experience that they need.
This was an entertaining match and for a TV main event on the lowest
level show, that’s all you can ask for.

B. NXT continues to be
awesome with only the Divas being weak, but that almost goes without
saying. There’s one thing here that I’d like to point out that I
really like about NXT: Dusty Rhodes is the GM and has appeared I
think twice in 5 weeks. What is cool about NXT is that we know who
is in charge and who is making these matches, but we don’t have to
see Dusty making these matches. Think about how much time is spent
on Raw and Smackdown just seeing people say hey, you two are in a
match. NXT is as fast paced as you could ask for and man is it
refreshing. Another good show here.


Snuka b. Kaitlyn – Superfly Splash

Mahal b. Percy Watson – Camel Clutch

Kruger b. Richie Steamboat – Rolled Through Cross Body

Diaz b. Paige – Gory Bomb

Gabriel b. Heath Slater – Reverse DDT

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