Long time listener, first time caller!

Dear Scott,
I'm sure plugs are a dime a dozen, but I hope I have one that resonates with you. I ask you because you seem to really give some a fighting chance out there as big fish in the large pool of the internet whether it is wrestling related or not. I purchased your first three books in hopes of one day being able to ask for a favor. Kidding aside (I really do have the books), perhaps if I present myself as an ex-worker of 8 years with a match or a few hundred under my belt who became fed up with the industry once he had to do things like eat and support a family, it would help. Hell, I'm rambling and really don't know how to beg you for a plug other than my site is truly a labor of love and the chances of me ever losing intrest in it are null and void. It's the most ambitious thing I've ever tried and know gamers frequent your site so thought what the hell, I'd give it a whirl. I've been a fan for years and even if no plug/mercy is given to my fledgling site, thank you for many laughs throughout the years, and I'm sure as you already know, the boys backstage do read and appreciate your stuff. At one point around 2004, a group of us were seriously going to approach you about paying you to honestly critique our matches as it seems you have the best eye of someone outside the ring as anyone we've ever seen. Then we realized after careful examination of our footage that we sucked and couldn't bear the thought of you ripping into us. Anyhoos, thanks for your time!
(This was the original beginning of the e-mail before I figured coming at you like more of a human than an automated beggar may work)
I humbly stand before you a 34 year old addict of the games I grew up with who is finally confident enough to try his hand at undertaking a huge project. My goal is simply to review every single NES game ever domestically sold in order of release date. I already have a few under my belt and try to go out of my way to be different and inject a little history lesson of the games as I go. Example, did you know…

…there is a REAL Hogan's Alley with roots dating back to a comic strip from the 1890's?
…Kung Fu actually starred Jackie Chan as the in-game character?
…Super Mario in pre-production originally had a rocket pack and a rifle?

To anyone intrested in my labor of love, please check out my blog at 


It would mean the world to me as this is so far been the most rewarding project I've ever done if only for the amazing facts I've learned in my short amount of time doing it. Everything else is a bonus. If just one person out there enjoys my work, it'd make my week. 

Anyone wishing to visit the facebook page can also do so at http://www.facebook.com/nesquester

Thank you and keep playing!!!