Shut your mouth match

Hey Scott,
I used to aspire to be a WWE writer and I always wished they would do an angle with Rock and Jericho where they would settle their differences in a
"Shut Your Mouth" match.  The loser would not be able to speak on TV for "X" amount of time.   My idea would have been to have Rock lose the match, and
every subsequent TV appearance after would require him to have a "guest translator" to speak for him.  Now imagine the interactions you could do with Regal
or Tajiri or Hurricane speaking for the Rock trying to imitate him.  What do you think? 

I think they should have ripped off Savage-Steamboat and had Jericho bash him in the throat with a ringbell so that he COULDN'T talk.  Then when he finally gets to cut his big promo, it draws an epic reaction and truly gives him reason to want revenge.  Given that people paid good money because they wanted to hear Rock talk, depriving them of it for 6-8 weeks would REALLY make them want to pay money to hear it.