NWA Worldwide 1-2 & 1-9-88

NWA Worldwide Jan 2, 1988

Hosted by Tony Schiavone and David Crockett

Show opens with clips of a Lex Luger interview that turns into a brawl with Arn Anderson. They usually opened the show with some sort of random tease.

Tony and David promises tons of action with the apparent main between The Superpowers vs. Tully & Arn.

Larry Zybysko cuts a promo with Baby Doll looking menacing behind him. They throw out threats to Dusty Rhodes.

Ricky Morton vs. ???

They don’t always mention the name of the underneath guys (I hate the term jobber) and eventually I will make up names for them. This guy looks like Norm Duke (the bowler) on HGH. Fast-paced start as Morton gets a hip toss, Duke tries for one of his own and Morton counters with a backslide for a pin in about 30 seconds. All righty.

* Bunkhouse Stampede promo that makes the match seem much more entertaining than it is. I’ll give you two guesses of who’s idea this was *

We’re back with Morton cutting a promo. He loves America, he’d die for America. He’ll probably die sucking blow off of some hooker in a cheap motel somewhere on the Tennessee-West Virginia border.

Tony talks about the upcoming Bunkhouse Stampede and brings in Jim Crockett, who announces Ric Flair vs. Road Warrior Hawk for the card. Then we bring in Dusty, who gets funky like a monkey and talks about winning money and titles. Typical Dusty stuff.

Ronnie Garvin vs. The Masked Neverstar

Yeah, 20 seconds later Garvin ends this with the stomp. The Garvin stomp seems dumb in theory but I think it could hurt.

Tony is back in the interview room with Lex Luger. I always thought Luger’s promo skills were underrated during his first face run. He shouts out threats to the Horsemen.

Sting vs. The Masked Executioner

Not sure if that’s his name or not, I doubt it will matter. Looks like the exact same guy in the Garvin match with a new masked suit. Probably made $50 that night for the double duty. Stinger Splash, scorpion, about 25 seconds and we’re done. This is like a tribute to the early years of Magnum T.A. or something.

Back in the interview studio with five-time champion Ric Flair…five times eh?…Flair shouts a ton of insults at Hawk. He also talks about cars, money and pussy…all the things any self-respecting man needs.

“Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert vs. George South

South is one of the great legends of southern wrestling of course. He’s got a record of like 2-18347 I believe. He starts off hot against Gilbert with a hip toss but Gilbert hits a sweet flying clothesline and the hot shot for the victory in about a minute or so.

Solid promo from Road Warrior Hawk as he answers Flair and talks about how much he doesn’t like cars or jet airplanes…Money and pussy, however, he’s all for it.

NWA World Tag Titles: The Superpowers vs. Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard

Koloff overpowers Blanchard a few times to start, Blanchard catches him with a knee but Koloff comes back with a body slam and Tully retreats and makes the tag. I must say Arn Anderson hasn’t aged much in 24 years. He’s gotten a little bigger, but who doesn’t. Arn stalls after a rope sequence and they take a TV timeout.

We’re back and Dusty has cleaned house. Tully powerwalks back in the ring and loses a slugfest with Dusty. Atomic drop sends the Horsemen into each other and Dusty slaps on the figure four until Arn comes in and breaks it up. Tully escapes but Arn gets caught going for a kick and Dusty drops an elbow on his leg. Arn goes to the eyes and rallies back. He catches Dusty on a blind charge and goes to the top but Dusty tosses him off. Big lariat by Dusty and he slaps on the sleeper. Tully breaks it up as they take a break.

We’re back and the Horsemen are now in control. Arn with a coolio elbow lock but Dusty kicks out of it. Tully jumps in the ring and continues working on the air with two arm snaps. Tag to Arn and more arm work, Dusty rallies and tries to make a tag but nothing happens. Tag to Tully and Dusty hits a flying cross body (sort of, think Brodus Clay) but Tully makes the tag and Arn keeps hammering away at the arm as Crockett mentions the Horsemen breaking Dusty’s arm before. Dusty rallies with an elbow but Tully comes in with a shot to the leg and keeps the heels in control. Tully goes for the slingshot suplex but Dusty reverses it. Tag to Arn but he sets too early and Dusty with a big DDT that allows him to make the hot tag.

Koloff with an elbow on Tully, he slams both men and clotheslines both men. Koloff with corner punches, Tully reverses a corner whip but Koloff explodes out of the corner with the sickle. Pier-six brawl and Arn throws Koloff over the top for the automatic disqualification. Arn and Tully beat down Dusty in the ring while Flair jumps in and attacks Koloff. Lex Luger jumps in and we’ve got a crazy brawl. Luger and Arn fight back to the dressing room while the Superpowers handle Flair and Blanchard. Perfect acceptable old-school goodness. **1/2

Promo time with Paul Jones, The Warlord and Ivan Koloff. Paul Jones puts up $50,000 of his own money that the Powers of Pain can take out the Road Warriors in some bench press challenge. One of those things that sounds better in theory.

Midnight Express & Big Bubba vs. Mighty Wilbur, Italian Stallion and Kendall Windham

Wow that’s like the JTTS sampler platter there. I never understood why Barry didn’t go to bat for Kendall more back in the day. The Windham Brothers could have probably been an awesome mid-late 80s tag team before the Steiners came about. Wilbur overpowers Lane a little bit while Cornette joins the broadcast (uninvited of course). Lane teases a test of strength but suckers Wilbur into his karate stuff instead. Wilbur catches Lane off the top and the faces rough him up a bit. Back elbow by Windham but Lane goes to the eyes and tags. Windham with a hip toss to Eaton but the Midnights take over with double teams. Tag to Bubba who crushes Windham with a knee lift. Tag to Eaton and a cross tag to Lane. He sets too early and Windham with a kneelift. Hot tag to Stallion, big back drop on Lane but he botches a monkey flip. Corner punches but Eaton breaks it up. Tag to Bubba who gives Stallion another knee lift and tags to the Midnights where a double flapjack ends things.

NWA Worldwide 1-9-88

We kick off the show with Sting and Warlord…I love those 15-second teases that lead into the show.

Hosted by Tony and Davey

We kick it off with a Midnight Express promo…who am I kidding it’s a Jim Cornette promo. He is bragging about a team beatdown on Dusty Rhodes and kick starting the “Dusty Rhodes I should have quit while my monkey was still funky tour.” Who isn’t feuding with Dusty? The Horsemen, Larry Z and The Midnight Express. Anyway typical superb Cornette stuff.

Jimmy Garvin & Michael Hayes vs. Two Random Guys

Garvin and Hayes are faces at this stage in 1988 and frankly they were fun faces because they liked dancing, partying, perms and they had Precious with them and she was always smiling and happy…I don’t hate Garvin like Scotty does, I always enjoyed his sort of pretty boy rednecky gimmick.

Anyway Hayes does some arm work and tags in Garvin for a slam. Garvin takes random guy #1 into the buckle and tags Hayes who also takes him into the buckle…and does it again…why can’t this be a 30-second squash? Tag to Garvin, double elbow, they strut and get a two count. Back to the arm. Tag to Hayes, back to the arm, tag to Garvin, back to the arm, tag to Hayes, axe from the middle rope, back to the arm…tag to Garvin…leg drop on the arm…Garvin drops some knees on this poor guy’s shoulder. He must’ve drank their beer or snorted their blow or something because they are beating the s--- out of this guy. Hayes roughs him up. Garvin back in and he roughs him up. F--- man. Finally they let him tag and random guy #2 fares no better. Finally a brainbuster ends this mercy killing.

Interview room with Larry Z and Baby Doll. Larry has shifted from Rhodes to Barry Windham and his Western States Heritage title. Larry cracks on beating Kendall Windham over and over again and they show clips of him beating Kendall thanks to a little help from Steve Williams. So Dr. Death jumps into this interview time and threatens Windham too…geez talk about a lack of targets for the heels in 1988 NWA.

Kevin Sullivan vs. Zippy Zipperson

I couldn’t think of anything more creative before Sullivan sent this poor guy into the post and tied him into the tree of woe. Double stomp ends this in roughly 40 seconds.

Tony and Davey talk about promising fans cash for a mail-in. I guarantee no one won a f------ thing.

Sullivan and talks about how Mike Rotunda/o is going to beat up Nikita Koloff.

Dick Murdoch vs. Windham Houston

Hell I don’t know if it’s Kendall Windham or Sam Houston. Are they the same person? BTW he’s feuding with Dusty Rhodes too. He beats the piss out of Windham Houston and just grabs a chair and wallops him. Powerslam and belly to belly suplex finishes this in a minute.

Lex Luger stops by for a ringside interview. He says he’s made some positive changes in his life and talks crap about the Four Horsemen. He says he knows how Ric Flair thinks and lives and how he’ll eventually be a broke joke of a human being. I’m just assuming on the last part. Luger is a little rough in this interview proving that pre-taped is his best option.

Barry Windham vs. Joe Doe

Yes it’s John Doe’s lesser-known brother. He actually gets a body slam on Windham but Windham’s version hurts more because he adds a few uppercuts. Beautiful dropkick and the lariat ends this one in an under a minute.

The Road Warriors cut a promo, they are sick of being challenged by everyone in the NWA…Well there are a lack of faces around here. Hawk cracks on Paul Jones having a failed sex change. He says the Power of Pain are pussy cats and the Road Warriors are alley cats. G-rated trash talk at its finest. I did love Hawk’s line of “we’ll beat you on hate alone.” Yeah.

Eddie Gilbert vs. Gary Royal

Criss cross and Royal with a hip toss and body slam so Gilbert screams at him. Gilbert sends Royal into the buckle and then hits his coolio flying clothesline. Face stomp and a sweet dropkick. Royal rallies again but misses a high cross body. Hot shot finishes this one in about a minute and a half.

Nikita Koloff vs. Dead Meat

Yeah you know where this is headed. No sell, no sell and Koloff dumps Meat over the top rope. Hangman from Koloff and a the Russian sickle ends things in short order.

The Superpowers cut a promo. Koloff always had a solid fake Russian accent. Dusty shows the tape of the Midnight Express and Bubba attacking him. Dusty says it’s personal and his sister could whip Cornette on any street in this country.

Jimmy Garvin and Michael Hayes cut a promo in the interview room. They are pissed at the Four Horsemen and they show the clips of why. Garvin has Flair beat, Horsemen save the title and they do a crazy beat down on Hayes until Luger makes the save. Hayes says the Horsemen aren’t the same without Luger. Garvin didn’t say much.

Dick Murdoch in the interview room and threatens Dusty Rhodes, Ronnie Garvin and Nikita Koloff

Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard vs. The Non-Erich Brothers.

Tully beats on one of the Non-Erich’s, we’ll call him Brad. He tags in Arn, who beats on him as well before letting him tag John Non-Erich. Arn snapmares him and stomps him in the face. Tag to Flair who chops him and adds a hip toss. Flair forces John to tag Jake and brings him in the ring with a suplex. Tag to Blanchard and he adds in some kicks before tagging Arn. Spinebuster and a tag to Flair who slaps on the figure four for the easy win.

More Bunkhouse Stampede promos. I might do a couple of the 1988 PPV rants but not this one unless it just appears on YouTube. I won’t go out of my way to find it.

Horsemen promo. Flair makes the appeal for Barry Windham and Lex Luger runs out. Flair reminds him of the numbers so Barry Windham joins the party. Is Windham surrounding Lex or helping him…We’re outta time and so am I! We’ll continue this next time.