History of ECW 3/31/1998

Taped from Philadelphia, PA

Airdate: March 31, 1998

Hosted by Joey Styles

Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of
ECW emanating from the hallowed halls of the Bingo Hall, er, I mean the ECW
Arena. A Dudleyville street fight will occur between Little Spike Dudley (LSD,
hehe) and Bubba Ray Dudley. Joey also states that we will see footage of Al
Snow’s becoming the #1 contender to Shane Douglas’ World title.

Highlights of last week’s match of Al Snow defeating RVD
with an accidental assist from Sabu are shown.

Our purveyors of hardcore enlighten us with some wit during
the opener: “Attention Parents: Please Get Your Kid’s Permission Before
Watching This Program.”

Joey promotes Wrestlepalooza on May 3. Added to the card
will be a match between Sabu and the World TV champion Bam Bam Bigelow. However,
next week Bigelow will defend his TV title against RVD. According to Joey
Fonzie only wants RVD to soften Bigelow up for the PPV. Also Mikey Whipwreck
returns to action in his hometown of Buffalo, NY in order to face Justin
Credible yet again. He will certainly want revenge for what Credible did to his
knee the last time they fought in Buffalo.

Highlights of RVD’s dissing of Sabu back at Hostile City
Showdown ’96 are shown. Then highlights of last week’s handshake between BBB
and Taz follow. New Jack wants to compete in singles competition while Kronus
will head to Japan to work with FMW.

Match 1: “Little”
Spike Dudley versus Bubba Ray Dudley (w/ D-Von, Sign Guy, and Big Dick Dudley
along with Joel Gertner) in a Dudleyville Street Fight

Gertner introduces Sign Guy Dudley who holds a “You Idolize
Me” sign. He also introduces Big Dick Dudley with his “25 7/8 inch” arms. He
even fluffs himself up with his self-introduction. Appropriately the ECW
faithful call him an “asshole.” Joel proceeds to introduce D-Von (w/ crowd
approval) but gets interrupted by Big Dick. He feeds us some bologna calling
him a bantamweight at 132 pounds. Uh huh, sure. He then introduces Bubba Ray at
350 pounds which might actually be light for what he looks like here. Spike
Dudley comes to the ring wielding a chair. He weighs 155 pounds according to

Bubba and Spike start the match with a collar and elbow tie-up.
Predictably Spike gets thrown down. He springs back up immediately for another
tie-up. Again he’s thrown to the canvas. In pinball fashion he bounces back
with a series of forearms to the head. He gives him a couple of flying forearms
but cannot knock Bubba off his feet. Spike springs off the ropes in an attempt
to deliver more forearms but gets planted with a vicious slam.

After a quick edit Spike goes low on Bubba and attempts the
Acid Drop; however, Bubba easily picks him up to give him the belly-to-back suplex.
Bubba grabs the mike and uses a South Park-ism: “OMG I killed Spike!” He then
whips Spike face-first to the turnbuckle and drops an elbow to the back. After
giving him a punch Bubba whips Spike off the ropes into a sleeperhold.
Immediately Spike drops down to give Bubba the jaw-jacker.

We fast-forward to where Spike comes off the ropes and Bubba
uses his momentum against him to throw him outside to the exposed concrete. He
follows him and grabs a chair. Guess what happens here? Yep, Spike eats chair.
Again we fast-forward and Spike is busted open as he is rammed face-first into
the steel ring post. Moving forward some more and we find Spike bulldogging
Bubba on the concrete floor!

Spike then gets on the apron and gives him a rolling
shoulderblock while Bubba’s on the floor. Back in the ring Spike mounts the
second turnbuckle in order to soften up Bubba. He tries to stand on Bubba then
give him a huracanrana but receives a running powerbomb instead.  Bubba steps on Spike applying his full weight
onto him. He goes for the Bubba bomb but Spike escapes. He nails Bubba low then
drops him face-first to the chair on the top turnbuckle. Spike then gives Bubba
the Acid Drop. D-Von makes the save.

Big Dick comes in the ring, holds Spike up like a ragdoll,
and chokeslams him. D-Von and Big Dick put the boots to Spike, but Kronus hits
the ring on Spike’s behalf. He whips D-Von into the ropes and gives him a
spinning heel kick. Without delay he gives Big Dick the same treatment. He then
kicks Bubba into the middle of next week which Bubba oversells quite well.
Unfortunately the numbers catch up to Kronus as he falls victim to the Dudley
Death Drop! Big Dick military presses Kronus then powerslams him.

Gangsta music plays so New Jack must be on his way to the
ring. Indeed he is as he drags plunder to the ring and tosses it inside. New
Jack brandishes some weapons and lays them into both Bubba and D-Von. Big Dick
gets fed a chair by New Jack! New Jack has a steel bread rack and wallops Bubba
in the nether regions. I cringe in sympathy. Bubba writes in pain on the
canvas. New Jack ensures Bubba gets no love tonight with a follow-up knee “down
there.” OUCH!

Meanwhile Kronus and Big Dick fight on the outside. Kronus
is also busted open. We head back inside the ring and New Jack is being pummeled
in the corner. Bubba sets up a table, but Spike jumps on his back. We move
forward and Sign Guy is in the ring. His sign reads: “New Jack dropped the soap
in prison.”  Joey mentions Big Dick’s
time in prison as well. He makes fun of Kevin Nash’s “Attica” comment by
stating that some of the ECW talent actually has done time in prison rather
than joke about it. Sign Guy eats a weapon shot to the head by New Jack and is
out cold. Bubba tries to go after New Jack, but Spike delivers another Acid
Drop to Bubba through the table! He gets the pinfall! Spike, New Jack, and
Kronus leave the ring in victory and blood. **

We return to the WWE Studios where Joey promotes a clip from
a couple weeks ago where Al Snow confronted Shane Douglas in Queens, NY.

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Highlights of Living Dangerously are shown. Sunny removes
her robe in order to join Lance Storm against Candido and Douglas. As obvious
as if it were written on her cleavage she turns on Storm. Lances pleads for
Head while in a camel clutch. Al Snow hits the ring and goes to war with
Douglas. He even throws Douglas into the hole created by the BBB-Taz match
earlier in the evening. He then pulls him out, gives him the Snow Plow, and
pins the World champion!

RVD, Sabu, and Fonzie are backstage. Once again RVD’s ego
takes center stage. Fonzie almost breaks a blood vessel in his forehead hyping
the match between Sabu and BBB at the PPV. RVD predicts he’ll win the belt next
week. According to RVD, “Rob Van Dam’s timing is right now.”

The Blue Meanie quotes Dr. Seuss but gets interrupted by
Nova. He mentions Richards’ leaving last year and the Blue World Order.

The FBI makes predictions about the PPV. They make reference
to BBB’s stitched eye after his encounter with Sandman last week.

The Blue Meanie asks Nova if Stevie should come back. Nova
said: “Nope…I killed him!” The Blue Meanie is flabby, er, I mean flabbergasted
and uses the earlier mentioned South Park reference with regards to Stevie.

Chris Candido, Shane Douglas, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Francine
tout BBB’s victory over Sandman despite the cane shot to the eye.

Sandman gives an unintelligible promo from the locker room.
Let’s just say beer as well as a lit cigarette was involved.

Douglas cuts a promo on Al Snow. According to Shane, “Bill
Watts tried to hold me down. The NWA tried to hold me down. The World Wrestling
Federation, Vince McMahon, and all his kiss-ass cronies with brown noses tried
to hold me down.” He even mentions ECW holding him down by having him “carry”
Terry Funk. He closes out the show by “shooting” on Al Snow.

Joey closes us out by promoting next week’s match between
RVD and Bam Bam Bigelow in Buffalo, NY.

Overall this episode epitomized the term “clip show.” The
Dudleyville street fight went from a one-on-one encounter to a six-man melee; although the
win by the underdog always has a sentimental place for me. Next week’s show
promises us some flavor with a World TV title match and a revenge match between
Whipwreck and Credible. Let’s hope Hardcore TV succeeds next week, because this
episode wasn’t very good whatsoever.

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