Follow-up discussion about WWE guys to TNA and vice-versa

Hey, Scott. Since I didn't really agree with the premise of the e-mail about sending someone from WWE to TNA and vice-versa, I'd like to ask you this two-part version of it:
1. What TNA guy(s) who haven't previously been in WWE do you think could realistically make it big in WWE? And by "realistically," I mean no "If they let them be who they are and not ruin them!" smarky nonsense. I mean someone WWE would A) be interested in and B)who would work well in the WWE system and flourish there? I know the typical answer to this one from smarks might be a muscle freak like Crimson or Magnus, but they know they can create their own monsters. I think Bobby Roode is the best call here.

They definitely want Roode.  I think either he or Storm is the best bet for the future, although Storm might be limited by his image as a southern ass-kicker.  

2. What WWE guy(s) do you think could be a boon to TNA's business in the fairly near future (say, in the next year or two)? Again: realistically, since we all know Cena, Taker or HHH ain't walking into the Impact Zone. This one's harder to me, since guys like Miz or Ziggler are the caliber of stars we've seen make that move (think Christian, Mr. Anderson/Kennedy, Booker T) but they haven't really moved the needle considerably in terms of drawing a bigger audience. So this one's tougher. One could say it's conceivable that a guy like Punk could end up there if big stars like Angle or Hardy did, but there were extenuating circumstances to those guys leaving WWE that Punk almost certainly wouldn't face. Since he's not a product of the WWE system and brainwashed to think it's the only place he can work like so many others, I could envision Daniel Bryan going to an easier schedule in TNA that allows him to do other things he wants (MMA training, music). And I could also see that moving said needle.

I don't know about the whole "moving the needle" thing, because it's more that they're going to need a solid year of good product rather than just one person coming in and turning things around. I think TNA would be better off poaching someone from WWE's developmental or a high-level indy guy and developing them themselves, much like they did with Beer Money or Chris Harris.  Harris, by the way, f----- up bigtime and should have stayed, I think we can safely say.  Anyway, I think if Ohno/Cesaro/Rollins flame out in the WWE-lite circuit, they would be the best bet, because they have some major league experience without all the WWE baggage.