Money In The Bank 2012

in the Bank 2012

July 15, 2012

US Airways Center, Phoenix, Arizona

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Booker T

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

amazing how a year can change things. A year ago this was the
hottest show in the world but now this is just another show. There’s
nothing going on with this show that is going to overshadow what
happens on the 1000th Raw. The main events tonight are the two
ladder matches and the two world title matches. That’s the extent of
the card so all four matches are main events. Let’s get to it.

that I’ll be watching this a few hours after it aired so I already
know the endings. I had some issues avoiding spoilers, but the final
three matches were all reviewed live.

Kingston/R-Truth vs. Hunico/Camacho

match. This is non-title for no reason whatsoever that I can tell.
I get that Hunico and Camacho aren’t the number one contenders, but
with Hunico running off Little Jimmy. Hunico’s music starts playing
for a few seconds after the bell for some reason. Truth does his
dance and works on the arm before bringing in Kofi. Kofi snaps off a
rana for two and brings back Truth for a backbreaker for two.

to Camacho who hits a butterfly suplex for two. Hunico comes back in
with a slingshot hilo for two. Truth hits the spinning forearm to
put both guys down and there’s the hot tag to Kofi. He flies around
well enough to clean a few rooms but Hunico ducks the kick and takes
out Kingston’s knee. Kofi goes for a springboard but Camacho kicks
the ropes out to break it up and take over.

back in now and he pounds down the speedy one (Kofi) on the middle
rope. Some headbutts from Camacho (he’s Tongan/Samoan so that has to
be expected) puts Kofi into the corner and it’s back to Hunico. He
hooks a chinlock followed by a lifting powerbomb for two. Kofi gets
sent into the corner but he comes out with a gorgeous rana to send
Hunico down. There’s the tag to Truth and he goes nuts. A DDT gets
two on Camacho and everything breaks down. Little Jimmy (move, not
person) hits Camacho for the pin at 8:22.

C-. This was a tag match and
that’s about all I’ve got for it. That being said, it was a good
choice for a pre-show match as it was good enough to get the crowd
going thanks to Kofi’s jumping, but it wasn’t good enough that it
took away from later matches. Again though, why in the world wasn’t
this the tag title match? The belts don’t mean anything so why not
put them here?

for the real show now.

video for some reason.

World Title Money In The Bank: Christian vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Dolph
Ziggler vs. Tensai vs. Santino Marella vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Damien
Sandow vs. Sin Cara

ring nearly clears out to start and it’s Tensai in control. He
cleans house and heads out to get the first ladder. Kidd is down in
the corner so Tensai slingshots him into a ladder draped over the
middle rope. Tensai goes after Christian so Christian and Kidd team
up to squash him with some ladders. Christian decks Kidd and goes up
but here’s Santino for the save. Kidd goes up as well but Sandow
shoves all three over.

and Ziggler come in now and Ziggler gets rammed into the ladder face
first. Ziggler will have none of that and sends Cody into the ladder
as well. If this was a year ago that would have gotten a much better
reaction. It’s Cara’s turn to go crazy now and he snaps off a bunch
of ranas. After the one to Cody, Rhodes is holding his knee. Cara
goes up after Ziggler and they badly botch something with both guys
falling to the mat.

vs. Cara now and Kidd gets sunset flipped down for a cover because
Cara is confused. Cara slams him onto a ladder but Christian takes
him down. Captain Charisma tries a frog splash but it only hits
ladder. Cody pops up but gets taken down by a springboard dropkick
from Kidd. With everyone down, Santino goes up but Tensai grabs him
for a powerbomb. That doesn’t actually happen as Tensai falls
backwards and Santino almost lands on the ladder. The botches are
mounting up quickly.

sends Tensai to the floor and hits a dive to take out the Big Bald.
Sandow goes up but Cara makes a save. That gets him nowhere as Cara
is knocked down again and it’s Sandow going up again. Christian
makes the save and gets his hand on the case, but Sandow takes him
down again. Christian counters being rammed into the ladder in the
corner and hits the reverse DDT to take Sandow down. He charges into
a knee from Sandow, but hits the spear a few seconds later, sending
Sandow into the ladder.

goes up but Ziggler and Cody slams him into the ladder to make the
save. They both go up and Ziggler gets rammed face first into the
ladder. Tensai pulls Cody down and locks him in the Tree of Woe,
only to have Kidd make the save. The Canadian is sent down and it’s
Cara/Santino for the save. They get knocked down too so here’s
Christian with some ladder shots to put Tensai back on the mat.

sends Christian to the floor and it’s time for Santino to go insane.
He hits his usual stuff on Ziggler and loads up the Cobra to take out
Ziggler. Santino goes up but gets scared of heights. The Cobra
makes him climb and takes out Sandow, but Cody dropkicks Santino,
sending both him and the ladder down. Cody (whose leg appears to be
fine now) throws a ladder at Santino and sets up another one in the
middle of the ring.

goes up and Vickie climbs the ladder to stop him. Ziggler makes a
fast climb and hits the Zig Zag off the ladder to pull Cody down.
Christian makes the last minute save and Sandow climbs another
ladder. All three are up there so Kidd springboards in and takes
Ziggler down in an awesome spot. Christian slams a ladder into
Sandow’s face and they both go to the floor.

comes back and goes insane, setting up a ladder between the announce
table and the ring. Cara gets powerbombed onto it ala last year,
followed by Ziggler getting launched over the announce table in a
cool looking power display by Tensai. Cody pops up from the middle
of nowhere and hits a pair of Disaster Kicks to put Tensai down.

and Rhodes go up the ladder but Christian climbs another ladder.
Cody drops Kidd but Christian spears Cody off the ladder. Christian
and Santino go up but Marella is knocked down. Ziggler runs up from
out of nowhere, sends Christian into another ladder and pulls down
the case for the win at 18:23.

B-. There was only so much they
could do here with eight people and that’s what really brought things
down here. With eight people, there aren’t enough spots to go around
and it catches up to them every year. Sandow wasn’t needed here and
I don’t think Cara was either. Neither guy really did much in the
match but they didn’t bring it down either. The botches hurt it too,
making this a pretty good match but more of a mess than anything

talks about how Alberto slammed a car hood on his back. Sheamus’ dad
taught him that you can tell a lot about a man by the car he drives.
He isn’t much to look at, but he has it under the hood. Oh and
Ricardo is a spare tire.

Miz is back. He has very slicked back hair and talks about being
gone due to filming a movie. He’s tired of being overlooked, so
tonight he’s adding himself into the Raw World title MITB match.

Foley winning the world title on January 4, 1999 is a Raw moment.

recap Del Rio vs. Sheamus. The idea here is that Del Rio is finally
getting his one on one shot and it’s his destiny. Sheamus has a bad
shoulder and some other injuries after being attacked by Del Rio over
the last few months.

World Title: Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

some big match intros (complete with an old school weapons check)
we’re ready to go. Sheamus knocks him to the floor and it’s time to
stall. Back in and Del Rio gets knocked to the corner but he grabs
the arm to take over. Scratch the taking over part as Sheamus hits
an elbow to the face for two. Del Rio charges into another boot and
a knee to the head gets two. Sheamus lowers his head and gets kicked
in the face followed by a dropkick.

champ still won’t have anything like that as he rams Del Rio into the
buckle and suplexes him into the ring. Top rope shoulder gets two.
Ricardo earns his paycheck with a distraction, allowing Del Rio to
hit an enziguri to put Sheamus on the floor. There’s a shot to the
shoulder and Del Rio takes over. A top rope dropkick gets two on
Sheamus and it’s off to an armbar. Alberto hits a DDT on the arm for
two and he slaps Sheamus in the back of the head a bit.

Rio cranks on the arm some more and hits a high kick for two. After
a little more time in the armbar, Sheamus hits a neckbreaker to give
himself a breather. It’s followed up by some ax handles to the face
but Sheamus charges into the post. After a headbutt it’s time for
the cross armbreaker, but Sheamus escapes. The slingshot shoulder is
countered into a Codebreaker to the arm for two. The champ comes
back with a knee lift and powerslam for two out of nowhere.

hits the ten forearms to the chest but Del Rio drapes the arm over
the top. Alberto charges right into the Irish Curse for two. Regal
Roll is broken up and Sheamus charges into a boot. Brogue Kick
misses and Del Rio hits a Backstabber for two. The enziguri in the
corner misses and there’s White Noise. Brogue Kick retains the title
clean at 14:24.

C+. It’s no wonder this title
is treated like a midcard title: there’s nothing here at all. There
was almost no heat on this match and while it was ok, this felt like
a TV main event instead of a PPV world title match. The feud feels
thrown together and that’s not what you want for a match like this.
Or maybe it’s that no one cares about Del Rio at all.

match Ricardo and Del Rio jump Sheamus, so here’s Ziggler with his
case. After Del Rio is sent away, Sheamus kicks Dolph’s head off
before the bell so there’s no match.

get a promo from the pre-show from Bryan, who says he and AJ are soul

and Kofi come out to watch the next match.

Time Players vs. Epico/Primo

and Primo now have massive bibs with their names on them. AW is
mic’d up again and it’s Primo vs. Titus to start. Titus takes over
as Kofi calls Titus a horse. Off to Young as the crowd is DEAD.
Primo hits a sweet headscissors out of the corner and it’s off to
Epico. Primo launches himself at Young on the floor and Titus is sent
out after him. Epico hits a huge dive to take out all of them.

in and Epico hits a slingshot hilo for two on Young. Back to Titus
as AW continues to not have much to say. Oh scratch that as he wants
a round of applause for his guys. Titus rams Epico into the post and
works on the back in the ring. Young comes in again and dances a
bit. He gets Epico on the apron and AW stops things to work on
Young’s hair. Back to Titus for some backbreakers and a fallaway
slam for two.

stops to dance which causes Rosa to dance and get the crowd to make
the first noise of this match. It also allows for the ice cold tag
to Primo. He cleans house and hits a springboard chop and a
springboard flip dive for two on Young. The hip attack to Young
while Young is in 619 position sets up another springboard crossbody,
but Primo dives into a gutbuster from Darren. Not that it matters as
Primo rolls up Young for the pin at 9:30.

D+. I get that this is filler,
but what in the world are they going for with these matches? The
Players are the #1 contenders but now they’re losing to the former
champions. I mean, it’s not like they’re getting their title shot
anytime soon, but why would we want to see that anyway? There’s been
almost no interaction between the teams and we barely ever see the
champs anymore.

match the losers and the champs have a staredown and Truth throws
water on AW. No physical contact is made. Again, why would you have
the Players lose here, unless you want to make a three way feud?

recap Punk vs. Bryan. This is all about AJ, as she’s gone nuts and
is guest referee here. She seemingly loves both guys and there’s no
real way to know who she’s going to side with tonight. Unless you’re
on the writing/booking team for WWE but that’s a small group of
people indeed.

says both guys have hurt her.

World Title: Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk

is now No DQ, Punk is defending and AJ is guest referee. Punk takes
him to the mat and fires off some quick kicks. They head outside and
Bryan gets rammed into the apron, only for Punk to get rammed into
the barricade and kicked in the chest. Back in and Bryan fires off
the YES kicks but gets rolled up for two. Bryan pounds away in the
corner and they chop it out. That evolves into a strike off and the
champion takes over.

backbreaker looks to set up a middle rope legdrop but Bryan moves,
followed by more YES kicks. They head to the floor again and Punk
takes over, sending Bryan into the barricade again. Punk
accidentally elbows AJ in the face, sending her out to the floor.
The champ goes to check on her and Bryan uses the distraction to hit
the running knee off the apron to take Punk down.

gets draped over the steps on the floor and Bryan fires off more
kicks. Punk comes back and sends Bryan into the timekeeper’s table.
This is a back and forth match the entire time so far. The fans want
tables because they’re greedy people. Punk pulls one out from under
the ring but Bryan slams him down on the outside. Bryan finds a
kendo stick and pounds away on the ribs of the champion. Punk rolls
away and gets back inside while Bryan is still on the floor.

in and Punk gets the stick for a second, only for Bryan to go back to
the ribs. Punk loads up a springboard but Bryan hits Punk in the
ribs with the stick to take him down. Bryan fires away with stick
shots to the ribs, complete with YES shouts. Those shots get two
with the regular referee having taken over inside. Daniel goes up
but the swan dive misses, putting both guys down.

trade kicks and then forearms but it’s a leg lariat from Punk that
takes Bryan down. Punk comes back with a running knee to the head
and the snap powerslam for two. GTS and YES Lock are both countered
and another GTS attempt is countered into a rana for two. Bryan
kicks the champ’s head off and both guys are down. Bryan pops him in
the back with a kendo stick and puts on a surfboard.

manages to get to the kendo stick and beats the fire out of Bryan
with it but can only get two. Punk goes up top but Bryan drills him
with forearms to the head. Bryan pops up top and hits a superplex to
put both guys down again. AJ is back and she sends the regular
referee out to the floor. It’s time to skip! AJ pulls out a chair
and Bryan crawls to her for it. Instead AJ throws the chair in the
middle of the ring and it’s a scramble for it. Isn’t that how the
XFL started its games?

gets in a kick to the ribs and pounds away on Punk with the chair for
a close two. Bryan tries to talk to AJ calmly but it gets him rolled
up for two by the champ. Daniel fires off more kicks to the chest of
Punk and Punk can barely sit up in the corner. Bryan gets a running
start but Punk comes out with a clothesline. Now Punk has the chair
and blasts Bryan with it before wedging it between the top and middle

goes to get Bryan to ram him into the chair, but AJ is standing in
front of the chair. As Punk yells at her, Bryan comes up from behind
and dropkicks Punk into the corner but not necessarily into the
chair. Bryan goes to get the kendo stick but AJ is standing on it.
She gives him a psycho stare and Bryan gives up. He walks into the
high kick though and Punk slams Bryan onto the chair. The top rope
elbow misses and the elbow hits the chair. Bryan throws on the YES
Lock and grabs the stick at the same time to choke away.

somehow bends back and blasts Bryan in the knee with the stick,
followed by a GTS, but the champion can’t follow up. The GTS
eventually gets two so Punk brings in a table. Punk loads up the
elbow through the table but Bryan crotches Punk and hammers away.
Punk slips down off the ropes and crotches Bryan at the same time.
He pounds away with elbows and a belly to back superplex through the
table FINALLY pins Bryan to retain the title.

A. This was GREAT at the end as
I was hanging on every count of every near fall. That was a great
match all the way through, but were you expecting anything else with
these two having nearly half an hour? The major problem here though
is the lack of AJ involvement. She basically did nothing other than
blocking a weapon shot either way, and the ending was about the
wrestling instead of her. That’s fine on paper, but we’ve spent two
months building her up as the key to this whole thing. Still though,
the match was more than enough to make up for that.

vs. Curt Hawkins/Tyler Reks

was a pretty obvious pick. The “stars” have to tag here.
Hawkins starts and pain follows. He gets sent to the floor and tags
in Reks, who manages to take Ryback down for no count. Hawkins back
in now and Ryback is actually in trouble. A double team actually
gets one as Ryback is being beaten down. A gordbuster by Hawkins
gets two. Reks comes in again and Ryback wakes up. The annoying
fans chant Goldberg because Goldberg is the only wrestler to ever be
pushed as a monster. The clothesline puts Hawkins down and Reks is
Shell Shocked for the pin at 4:21.

D+. Nothing much here but they
had to give Ryback more of a challenge eventually and that’s what
happened here. Hawkins and Reks aren’t much, but they’re better than
random jobbers. WWE has a huge roster, so there’s no reason to not
use some of them against Ryback. At least it’s better than squash
after squash.

debuting on Raw is a moment. That’s a good one for a change.

vs. Natalya/Beth Phoenix/Eve Torres

you have a seven match card and three are added the day of the show,
you may be having some issues. Natayla and Tamina start us off as I
guess Natalya is a heel again. Kaitlyn comes in with a cross body
for two and it’s off to Beth. They trade slaps so here’s Eve,
getting a slap of her own from Kaitlyn. Eve goes to the corner but
comes out with a kick to the head for two. Beth comes in and chokes
but it’s off to Layla. A sunset flip gets two for the champ (Layla)
and everything breaks down. Tamina superkicks Beth into the Layout
for the pin at 3:20.

D. Why do the Divas wrestle?
Honestly, I’d like an answer to that question. There are so many
people you could send out there that would have something better to
offer in the future, but we have to sit through this stuff instead.
The girls are hot but they can’t wrestle. Cut down the roster to a
few good looking ones and stop having them wrestle. Make two
divisions if nothing else: models and wrestlers. It can’t be that

World Title Money In The Bank: John Cena vs. Kane vs. The Miz vs. Big
Show vs. Chris Jericho

event time. So the ideas here are that Cena has never been in one of
these before, Show is “unstoppable”, Jericho is the originator of
these matches, and that’s about it. Jericho, Miz and Kane go to the
floor quickly and Cena clotheslines Show to the outside. Show sends
Jericho into the ladder and Miz goes for the case, only to be stopped
by Cena. Show clears the ring but here’s Kane to slow him down.
That gets him nowhere and Miz goes down too.

comes in and grabs a quick Codebreaker to put Show down and Miz hits
a DDT on him too. Kane boots Show to the floor and Cena is waiting.
He hits a HUGE AA through the table and all four guys bury Show with
ladders. All this has happened in the first four minutes of the
match or so. Jericho is like screw this teamwork stuff and hits
everyone with a ladder before going for a climb. Miz makes the save
but gets put in the Walls for his efforts.

breaks that up for some reason and Jericho has to fight him off. Miz
goes up but Jericho makes the save after knocking Cena off the apron
with a ladder shot. Jericho is going up but Cena makes the save.
Now Miz goes up but Kane throws a ladder at his back to put him down.
Jericho stops Kane but Miz and Jericho combine to suplex Kane onto a
ladder. Cena lays both of them out with shoulders and it’s a double

comes back in and tries a chokeslam, but Cena escapes and hits the AA
onto Miz onto a ladder. Chris takes Cena down and lays out everyone
else, but here comes Big Show again. Show literally snaps the braces
off the middle of the ladder with his bare hands and crushes Jericho
between the legs of the ladder. Kane gets a ladder thrown on him and
Miz gets chopped in the chest through the ropes. Cena gets crushed
behind a ladder and Show throws a second ladder over the top rope and
down onto Miz. There’s a pile of about eight ladders at ringside.

goes to the floor and pulls out the jumbo ladder from last year.
After taking forever to set it up, Show makes the slow climb up, but
Kane goes up the other side. Apparently he uses his powers of
mesmerizing because Show stops dead when Kane is looking at him.
Kane gets chokeslammed down but here comes Cena. John gets sent down
as well so here’s Jericho with a chair.

trio of shots finally takes Show off the ladder and it’s Jericho vs.
Cena on the ladder. They bat the case back and forth until Cena
loads up an AA on top of the ladder. Jericho escapes and hooks a
sleeper, causing Cena to climb down instead. Actually scratch that
as Cena climbs back up with Jericho on his back, but he finally goes
out. Miz tries to sneak up but Jericho knocks him back down. Cena
gets a hand on the case but he goes down again. The hold is broken
and Jericho goes up, but Miz runs up the ladder and they’re fighting
for the case.

is higher up so Miz knocks him back and Jericho is dangling. Miz
pulls him back to the ladder and loads up a superplex, but here’s
Show again. Jericho looks terrified so Show drills him in the head.
Miz takes a punch as well but Cena runs the ladder and blocks the
punch with the case. He blasts Show in the head with it enough times
to knock Show down and Cena wins at 20:07.

B. This was as good as you
would expect with the talent in there. The ending with everyone not
named Kane fighting on the ladder was very cool, with someone being
on the ladder for the better part of five minutes. Blocking the
punch with the case was a good idea too, and Cena is really the right
choice for this as no one else would have made sense. Good stuff
here and a good way to end the show.

face when he wins is hilarious as he looks so happy.

B+. The matches that
needed to hit did so very well, but there were some dull parts here.
When you have a seven match card and three of the matches are added
the day of the show, you can tell that there’s something going wrong.
That being said, the show was very entertaining and that’s what a
show like this is supposed to be. It’s nowhere near what last year’s
show was, but given the lower level Raw and Smackdown are at at the
moment, I can’t complain here at all.


Ziggler b. Sin Cara, Santino Marella, Christian, Damien Sandow,
Tensai, Cody Rhodes and Tyson Kidd – Ziggler pulled down the

b. Alberto Del Rio – Brogue Kick

b. Prime Time Players – Rollup to Young

Punk b. Daniel Bryan – Belly to Back Superplex through a table

b. Tyler Reks/Curt Hawkins – Shell Shocked

vs. Beth Phoenix/Natalya/Eve Torres – Layout to Phoenix

Cena b. The Miz, Chris Jericho, Big Show and Kane – Cena pulled
down the briefcase

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