Jerry Lynn plug

Hey Scott,
Got to spend the day with Jerry Lynn this past Saturday as he winds down his career. He shared a lot of insight at a two hour seminar for indy wrestlers looking to hone their craft, and I thought it'd be interesting share. Can't believe the man's 49.

Dude's been doing it a LONG time.  I used to get TONS of stuff in my tape trading days with him, Sabu and Waltman all ripping it up in the indies, and it was crazy stuff for 1991-92.  And he was the one guy who somehow missed out on the entire boom period completely and didn't make any significant money off the business.  I really wish someone in WWE would reach out to him and get him a job as a trainer or agent, because he'd be awesome at it and we wouldn't have to read any more stories about how he's working in a warehouse to make ends meet or whatever.