Something to think about in wrestling

Imagine this
-The number one wrestling promotion on the planet is run by Vince McMahon. After a hearty boom period, the company tapered off a bit, and was then wrought by a major public scandal. Now the company has homogenized itself into an overly kid-friendly product, turning many older fans off.
-The number two company is just making headway with live TV, and is backed at the top by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. With a horde of young high flyers and an innovative approach to their TV product, there are a number of fans flocking to this company, which was once a laughingstock due to its prior poor booking.
-There is an outfit based out of Philadelphia involving Shane Douglas that promises an alternative to the "Big Two" by showcasing bloody brawls and unfiltered, hard hitting wrestling. After using some older, broken-down wrestlers as a draw early on, they've jettisoned much of that approach in favor of top-flight indy guys who can either still go, or are getting their first true taste of glory.
-There is a promotion run by Jim Cornette which favors an old-school style, with more wrestling than 'sports-entertainment', but they also have lost much of their best talent to McMahon's company, as well as the #2 company. Some believe they may be out of business before long.
Now I ask you, what year is this: 2012, or 1995?

A bit of a stretch in some ways, but yes, that's an interesting take on the situation.  I wouldn't say fans are "flocking" to TNA, though.  Thing is, as long as Spike is happy with the ratings (which they are), then it doesn't affect me as a fan because I know they're likely to stay the course.  WWE, on the other hand, is ratings-obsessed and as a viewer I'm constantly having to filter out the bullshit that I know is just for them pop a rating (like AJ teasing a wedding at the end of the show, or the constant commercial breaks interrupting matches.)  
But you know, in general, what they say about those who don't heed the lessons of history…