Katie Vick

You know, this whole thing just doesn’t feel right without Michael Cole around to tell us that Katie Vick is trending on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter and Seth Mates, I think Seth pretty much outed himself as Cranky Vince this morning by tagging me in a Vince tweet, since he’s the only former WWE writer who follows my Twitter account.  I don’t know if he was the ORIGINAL Cranky Vince too before it got shut down, though.

Edit:  It’s not Seth.  I didn’t even realize that the fake Cranky Vince and real one were posting at the same time.  Plus the Cranky Vince who mentioned me got my name wrong the first time and had to be corrected by Otto Heuer of all people.  So apologies to Seth Mates!  The fake Vince is likely just a wannabe troll.

Also, the Katie Vick storyline sucked.