Lex Luger in the WBF

Hi Scott,
When Lex Luger left WCW in early 1992 why was he used in the WBF instead of the WWF?
Was this Vince thinking that the WBF needed a star name or was it Lex’s decision?
Also if he had debuted in 92 instead of at the 93 Royal Rumble (with either the narcissist gimmick or as a Hogan clone) do you think his WWF carer would have been any different? Might he have had a run with the WWF title in the summer of 92 instead of Flair or Hart?

What is this, Lex Luger day? 
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On with the questions.  Luger was used in the WBF because when he left WCW he still had not-insignificant time left on his contract (even though WCW had used up all his actual DATES) and there was a non-compete clause involved as well.  Basically he couldn't legally be a WWF wrestler until 1993, so he was a WBF Superstar instead.  And you'll note that for legal reasons, they never ever referred to him as anything but a bodybuilder until he actually joined the WWF for real.  
Had he debuted in 92 he would have been shoved to the side like every other steroid monkey at the time, so no, his career would not have gone any different in my opinion.  Like really, they fire Warrior and Bulldog and they're gonna push LEX LUGER as their answer to the Zahorian critics?